Uncial Codex d2

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Codex Claromontanus - 5th-6th century.

In the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris.

It has been said that the Codex Bezae contains only the Gospels and Acts; and consequently when we come to the Pauline Epistles the letter D is given to another manuscript, which contains only this part of the New Testament. Like the Codex Bezae, it formerly belonged to Beza, having been found at Clermont (whence its name), in France, and in 1656 it was bought for the Royal Library.

This open page is made up of folio 1v on the left (Greek), & folio 2r on the right (Latin).

The page shows Paul's Epistle to the ROMANS beginning partway through Rom.1.7. (For the beginning of the epistle, verses 1-7, the Greek folio is missing!) Romans 1-7 concludes the Salutation part of the letter. Note the use of Nomina sacra (overlined) in the places where they occur.

Paul begins with a thankgiving, (verse 8): | Πρωτον μεν ευχαριστω τω ΘΩ μου... | Primum quidem gratias ago deo meo ... | Firstly, I thank my God ... . He continues: παντοτε ... | semper ... | Always ... | expressing his desire (verse 10) to visit Rome.

HERE is the whole passage in context.

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