Uncial codex E2 of the Acts (folio 1r, 1v).

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Codex Laud or Laudiamus - 7th century. 

This codex is much more valuable than codex Basilensis of the Gospel (uncial E), and is the most important Biblical MS. In the Bodleian Library at Oxford. It is a manuscript of the seventh century, containing both Latin and Greek texts, the Latin being on the left and the Greek on the right (unlike D and D2). It is written in large rough uncials, in lines of varying length, but containing only one to three words each. Its text is Western, with a large admixture of Alexandrian readings.

This is folio 1r & 1v of codex E2. It is the opening chapter of the Acts of the Apostles, Acts 1.1-5:

[f1r] primum quidem sermonem feci de omnibus o theophile quae coepit ihesus facere et docere usque in diem quo praecipiens apostolis per spiritum sanctum quos elegit ad sumptus est quibus et praebuit se ipsum uiuum post passionem suam in multis argumentis ! [f1v] per dies quadraginta apparens eis et dicens de regno dei ; et tum conuescensuersiretur cumillis ! praecepit ab hierosolymis ne disciderent ! sed expectarent promissioneum patris quodam audistisme ; iohannes quidem baptizabit aqua ! uos autem ti quem in in(?) spiritu

[f1r] τον μενν λογον εποιησαμην περι παντων ω θεοφιλε ων ηρζατο ο ΙΣ ποιεν τε και διδασκειν αχρι ης ημερας εντιλαμενος τοις αποστολοις δια ΠΝΣ αγιου ους εζελεζατο ανελημφθη οις και παρεστησεν εαυτον ζωντα μετα το παθειν αυτον εν πολλοις τεκμηριοις [f1v] δι ημερων τεσσαρακοντα οπταννομενος αθτοις και λεπτων περι της βασιλειας του ΘΥ και συναλιζομεν[ος] αυτοις παρηγγελλεν απο ιεροσολυμ μη ιχωριζεσθαι αλλα περοιμενιν την επαγγελιαν του ΠΡΣ ηνηκουσαται μου οτι ιωαννης μεν εβαπτσεν υδατι υμεις δε βαπτισθησεσθε εν ΠΝΙ

(Notice the use of Nomina sacra (overlined) in the Greek text.)

The passage in context is HERE.

Description from 'Our Bible & the Ancient Manuscripts' by Sir Frederick Kenyon (1895 - 4th Ed. 1939) Pg 148.