Uncial Codex א (aleph) or S

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Codex Sinaiticus - א (S)

א (Aleph, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet) stands for the famous Codex Sinaiticus (sometimes designated by the letter S), one of the two oldest copies (apart from the papyri) of the Greek Bible.

This page is folio5r of quire 79, Luke 21.24-22.20.

Text in uncial MSS were written without word spacing.
On this page the first paragraph break in column 1 begins Luke 21.25: ΚΑΙ ΕΣΟΝΤΑΙ ... (C's are Greek S's!) Τhe coming of the Son of Man - what to look for! The paragraph runs to the end of verse 26 ending ...ΣΟΝΤΑΙ. The next paragraph begins - the important part! (verse 27): ΚΑΙ ΤΟΤΕ ΟΨΑΝΤΑΙ ... And then you will SEE the Son of Man ... The paragraph runs through to the end of the parable with the lesson of the fig-tree. In the next paragraph Jesus tells how short is the time, with the warning to stay alert- to keep watch (verse 32): ΑΥΤΗΝ ΛΕΓΩ ΥΜΙΝ ... Truly I say to you ... .

Chapter 22, the plot to kill Jesus, begins in column 2, bottom paragraph: ΗΓΓΙΖΕΝ ΔΕ Η ΕΟΡΤΗ ... Now was approaching the festival of unleavened bread - called the Passover.

Passing on to column 4. The first obvious paragraph (verse 15) begins with the twelve reclining at table with the Last Supper about to start: ΚΑΙ ΕΙΠΕΝ ΠΡΟΣ ΑΥΤΟΥΣ ... And he said to them ... The last paragraph on the page (verse 20, bottom of column.): ΚΑΙ ΤΟ ΠΟΤΗΡΙΟΝ ΩΣΑΥΤΩΣ ΜΕΤΑ ΤΟ ΔΕΙΠΝΗΣΑΙ ... and similarly the cup, after they ate ...

The whole series of passages can be viewed in context HERE.

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The Codex Sinaiticus website is an excellent source for the study of the codex, with zoomable images of each page, selectable by book, chapter & verse, together with transcripts & translations into 4 languages. The image download option, however, allows for only a modest sized (poor) image of a full page.

The image on this web-page has been made up of 21 pdf screen-prints of close-up sections of quire 79, folio f5r. Each screen-print has then been converted into png/jpg images, trimmed, & then joined together, to create a workable image of the complete folio. (Yet even at this size, some of the finer detail on the folio cannot easily be read without recourse to the zoomed image on the Codex Sinaiticus website.)