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BEZETHA: Third North Wall, Second North Wall, Pool of Bethesda, Sheep Gate, Fortress of Antonia, Gennath Gate, Pool of Amygdalon, Golgotha, Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
SUBURB | UPPER CITY: Xystus Market, Council House, Bridge, Hasmonaean Palace, Towers of... Hippicus, Phasael, Mariamne, House of Caiaphas, House of the Last Supper.
LOWER CITY: Huldah Gates, Tyropoeon Valley, Pool of Siloam, Lower or Old Pool, Essene Gate.
TEMPLE: Beautiful Gate, Solomon's Porch, Court of Gentiles, Court of Women, Herod's Temple, Altar.
VALLEY OF THE KIDRON: Garden of Gethsemany, Gihon, En-rogel.
VALLEY OF HINNOM: Aceldama, Pilate's Aquaduct, Serpant Pool.
MAP: courtesy of from 'Atlas of the Bible Lands' - C S Hammond & Co - 1959.