OLD CITY OF DAVID - Water Gate, House of the Mighty Men | SOUTHWEST RIDGE - Valley Gate, Dung Gate, Fountain Gate, Corner Gate, Ephraim Gate, Lower or Old Pool, Pool of Siloah, Tower of the Furnaces, Broad Wall |MISHNEH - Mishneh Gate, Fish Gate, Sheep Gate, Miphkad Gate, East Gate, Horse Gate, Throne of the Governor, Tower of Hananeel, Tower of Meah, Chamber of the Corner | OPHEL - Ophel Tower, Projecting Tower, High House of the King, Temple, Altar | VALLEY OF THE KIDRON - Gihon Spring, Hezekiah's Aquaduct, Stairs to the City of David | KING'S GARDEN - Dragon's Well | VALLEY OF HINNOM
Map - courtesy of from 'Atlas of the Bible Lands' - C S Hammond & Co - 1959.
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