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Beginnings of the Christian Community

Section Sec.Ref Passage Psg.Ref
ACTS: INTRODUCTION. BEGINNINGS OF THE CHURCH IN JERUSALEM The Promise of the Holy Spirit Ac.1.1-5         
The Ascension of Jesus Ac.1.6-11         
The Choice of Judas' Successor Ac.1.12-26         
The Coming of the Holy Spirit Ac.2.1-13         
Peter's Speech at Pentecost Ac.2.14-3.10         
Peter's Speech in Solomon's Portico Ac.3.11-26         
Peter and John before the Council Ac.4.1-22         
The Believers Pray for Boldness Ac.4.23-31         
All Things in Common Ac.4.32-37         
Ananias and Sapphira Ac.5.1-11         
Many Signs and Wonders Performed Ac.5.12-16         
Persecution of the Apostles Ac.5.17-42         
Gentiles Receive the Holy Spirit Ac.10.44-48         
Peter's Report to the Church at Jerusalem Ac.11.1-18         
The Church at Antioch Ac.11.19-30         
James Killed and Peter Imprisoned Ac.12.1-19         
The Death of Herod Ac.12.20-24         
EARLIEST MISSIONS The Appointment of the Seven Ac.6.1-7         
The Arrest of Stephen Ac.6.8-15         
Stephen's Speech Ac.7.1-53         
- Depart from your land and from your kindred Ac.7.3  Gn.12.1  Gn.48.4     
- Who made you a ruler and a judge over us? Ac.7.27  Lk.12.14       
The Stoning of Stephen Ac.7.54-8.1         
Saul Persecutes the Church Ac.8.1-3         
The Gospel Preached in Samaria Ac.8.4-25         
Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch Ac.8.26-40         
The Conversion of Saul Ac.9.1-19  Ac.26.12-18       
Saul Preaches at Damascus Ac.9.19-22         
Saul Escapes from the Jews Ac.9.23-25         
Saul at Jerusalem Ac.9.26-31         
The Healing of Aeneas Ac.9.32-35         
Dorcas Restored to Life Ac.9.36-43         
Peter and Cornelius Ac.10.1-33         
Peter Speaks in Cornelius' House Ac.10.34-43         
MISSION OF BARNABAS & PAUL. THE COUNCIL OF JERUSALEM. Barnabas and Saul Commissioned Ac.13.1-3         
Paul and Barnabas at Antioch of Pisidia Ac.13.13-52         
Paul and Barnabas at Iconium Ac.14.1-7         
Paul and Barnabas at Lystra Ac.14.8-20         
The Return to Antioch in Syria Ac.14.21-28         
The Apostles Preach in Cyprus Ac.13.4-12         
The Council at Jerusalem Ac.15.1-21         
The Reply of the Council Ac.15.22-35         
Paul at Ephesus Ac.19.1-10         
THE RETURN TO ANTIOCH & PAUL'S THIRD MISSIONARY JOURNEY. Paul's Return to Antioch Ac.18.18-23         
Apollos Preaches at Ephesus Ac.18.24-28         
The Sons of Sceva Ac.19.11-20         
JAMES Salutation Jas.1.1         
Faith and Wisdom Jas.1.2-8         
Poverty and Riches Jas.1.9-11         
Trial and Temptation Jas.1.12-18         
Hearing and Doing the Word Jas.1.19-27         
Warning against Partiality Jas.2.1-13         
Faith and Works Jas.2.14-26         
The Tongue Jas.3.1-12         
The Wisdom from Above Jas.3.13-18         
Friendship with the World Jas.4.1-10         
Judging a Brother Jas.4.11-12         
Warning against Boasting Jas.4.13-17         
Warning to the Rich Jas.5.1-6         
Patience and Prayer Jas.5.7-20