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Letter from Peter (I)

Section Sec.Ref Passage Psg.Ref
PETER: TO GOD'S CHOSEN PEOPLE. Salutation 1Pe.1.1-2         
A Call to Holy Living 1Pe.1.13-25         
The Living Stone and the Holy Nation 1Pe.2.1-10         
- The very stone which the builders rejected 1Pe.2.7  Ps.118.22       
Live as Servants of God 1Pe.2.11-17         
The Example of Christ's Suffering 1Pe.2.18-25         
Good Stewards of God's Grace 1Pe.4.1-11         
Suffering as a Christian 1Pe.4.12-19         
Tending the Flock of God 1Pe.5.1-11         
Final Greetings 1Pe.5.12-14