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John: Gospel

Section Sec.Ref Passage Psg.Ref
JOHN: PROLOGUE The Word Became Flesh Jn.1.1-18         
THE FIRST PASSOVER The Testimony of John the Baptist Jn.1.19-28  Mt.3.1-12  Mk.1.1-8  Lk.3.1-9   
The Lamb of God Jn.1.29-34         
The First Disciples Jn.1.35-42         
The Calling of Philip and Nathanael Jn.1.43-51         
The Wedding at Cana Jn.2.1-12         
The Cleansing of the Temple Jn.2.13-22  Mt.21.12-13  Mk.11.15-17  Lk.19.45-46   
Jesus Knows All Men Jn.2.23-25         
Jesus and Nicodemus Jn.3.1-21         
JOURNEYS IN SAMARIA & GALILEE Jesus and John the Baptist Jn.3.22-30         
He Who Comes from Heaven Jn.3.31-36         
Jesus and the Woman of Samaria Jn.4.1-42         
The Healing of the Official's Son Jn.4.43-54  Mt.8.5-13  Lk.7.1-10     
THE SECOND FEAST AT JERUSALEM The Healing at the Pool Jn.5.1-18         
The Authority of the Son Jn.5.19-29         
Witnesses to Jesus Jn.5.30-47         
ANOTHER PASSOVER: THE BREAD OF LIFE The Feeding of the Five Thousand Jn.6.1-14  Mt.14.13-21  Mk.6.30-44  Lk.9.10-17   
Walking on the Water Jn.6.16-21  Mt.14.22-27  Mk.6.45-52     
Jesus the Bread of Life Jn.6.22-59         
The Words of Eternal Life Jn.6.60-71         
THE FEAST OF TABERNACLES The Unbelief of Jesus' Brothers Jn.7.1-9         
Jesus at the Feast of Tabernacles Jn.7.10-24         
Is This the Christ? Jn.7.25-31         
Officers Sent to Arrest Jesus Jn.7.32-36         
Rivers of Living Water Jn.7.35-39         
Division among the People Jn.7.40-44         
The Unbelief of Those in Authority Jn.7.45-52         
The Woman Caught in Adultery Jn.7.53-8.11         
Jesus the Light of the World Jn.8.1-20         
Where I am Going You Cannot Come Jn.8.21-30         
The Truth Will Make You Free Jn.8.31-38         
Your Father the Devil Jn.8.39-47         
Before Abraham was, I am Jn.8.48-59         
The Healing of a Man Born Blind Jn.9.1-12         
The Pharisees Investigate the Healing Jn.9.13-34         
Spiritual Blindness Jn.9.35-41         
The Parable of the Sheepfold Jn.10.1-6         
Jesus the Good Shepherd Jn.10.7-21         
THE FEAST OF DEDICATION Jesus Rejected by the Jews Jn.10.22-42         
The Death of Lazarus Jn.11.1-16         
Jesus the Resurrection and the Life Jn.11.17-27         
Jesus Weeps Jn.11.28-37         
Lazarus Brought to Life Jn.11.38-44         
The Plot to Kill Jesus Jn.11.45-53  Mt.26.1-5  Mk.14.1-2  Lk.22.1-2   
THE LAST PASSOVER Jn.11.55-57         
The Anointing at Bethany Jn.12.1-8  Mt.26.6-13  Mk.14.3-9     
The Plot against Lazarus Jn.12.9-11         
The Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem Jn.12.12-19  Mt.21.1-11  Mk.11.1-11  Lk.19.28-38   
Some Greeks Seek Jesus Jn.12.20-26         
The Son of Man Must be Lifted Up Jn.12.27-36         
The Unbelief of the Jews Jn.12.36-43         
Judgment by Jesus' Word Jn.12.44-50         
Washing the Disciples' Feet Jn.13.1-20         
Jesus Foretells His Betrayal Jn.13.21-30  Mt.26.20-25  Mk.14.17021  Lk.22.21-23   
The New Commandment Jn.13.31-35         
Peter's Denial Foretold Jn.13.36-38  Mt.26.31-35  Mk.14.27-31  Lk.22.31-34   
Jesus the Way to the Father Jn.14.1-14         
The Promise of the Spirit Jn.14.15-31         
Jesus the True Vine Jn.15.1-17         
The World's Hatred Jn.15.18-16.4         
The Work of the Spirit Jn.16.4-15         
Sorrow Will Turn into Joy Jn.16.16-24         
I Have Overcome the World Jn.16.25-33         
The Prayer of Jesus Jn.17.1-26         
The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus Jn.18.1-11  Mt.26.47-56  Mk.14.43-50  Lk.22.47-53   
Jesus before the Council Jn.18.12-14  Mt.26.57-68  Mk.14.53-65  Lk.22.54-55  Jn.18.19-24 
Peter's Denial of Jesus Jn.18.15-18  Mt.26.69-75  Mk.14.66-72  Lk.22.56-62  Jn.18.25-27 
The High Priest Questions Jesus Jn.18.19-24  Mt.26.59-66  Mk.14.55-64  Lk.22.66-71   
Peter Denies Jesus Again Jn.18.25-27  Mt.26.71-75  Mk.14.69-72  Lk.22.58-62   
Jesus before Pilate Jn.18.28-38  Mt.27.1-2, 11-14  Mk.15.1-5  Lk.23.1-5   
Jesus Sentenced to Die Jn.18.39-19.16  Mt.27.15-26  Mk.15.6-15  Lk.23.13-25   
The Crucifixion of Jesus Jn.19.17-27  Mt.27.32-44  Mk.15.21-32  Lk.23.26-43   
The Death of Jesus Jn.19.28-30  Mt.27.45-56  Mk.15.33-41  Lk.23.44-49   
The Piercing of Jesus' Side Jn.19.31-37         
The Burial of Jesus Jn.19.38-42  Mt.27.57-61  Mk.15.42-47  Lk.23.50-56   
RESURRECTION The Resurrection of Jesus Jn.20.1-10  Mk.28.1-10  Mk.16.1-8  Lk.24.1-12   
The Appearance of Jesus to Mary Magdalene Jn.22.11-18  Mk.16.9-11       
The Appearance of Jesus to the Disciples Jn.20.19-23  Mt.28.16-20  Mk.16.14-18  Lk.24.36-49  Ac.1.6-8 
Jesus and Thomas Jn.20.24-29         
The Purpose of the Book Jn.20.30-31         
The Appearance of Jesus to the Seven Disciples Jn.21.1-14         
Jesus and Peter Jn.21.15-19         
Jesus and the Beloved Disciple Jn.21.20-25