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New Testament Canon - Introduction NTCanon1 NTCanon2
AChristian Faith: Foundations33ce.58ce.Foundations Acts Paul Mk-Mt
BBeginnings of the Christian Community33ce.48ce.Lk-Acts James
CPaul To the Church in Thessalonica50ce. Paul
GPaul To the Church in Galatia56ce. Paul
DPaul To the Church in Corinth (I)55ce. Paul
FPaul To the Church in Corinth (II)56ce. Paul
HPaul To the Church in Rome57ce. Paul
JPaul: Letters from Prison58ce. Paul
SLetter from Peter (I)67ce. 1Pt
LMark: Gospel45ce.60ce.Mk
OLetter from Jude61ce.62ce.Jd
PLetter from Peter (II)65ce. 2Pt
UTo the Hebrews67ce. Hb
MMatthew: Gospel40ce.60ce.Mt
NLuke: Gospel57ce.60ce.Lk-Acts
RLetters from John the Elder (II-III-I)60ce.65ce.Jn Letters
TJohn: Gospel40ce.65ce.Jn
EPaul to Timothy (I)55ce. Paul
IPaul: Letter to Titus58ce. Paul
QLuke: Acts57ce.62ce.Lk-Acts