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1 Better a mouthful of dry bread with peace than a house filled with quarrelsome sacrifices.            
2 A shrewd servant comes off better than an unworthy child, he will share the inheritance with the brothers.            
3 A furnace for silver, a foundry for gold, but Yahweh for the testing of hearts!            
4 An evil-doer pays heed to malicious talk, a liar listens to a slanderous tongue.            
5 To mock the poor is to insult the Creator, no one who laughs at distress will go unpunished.            
6 The crown of the aged is their children's children; the children's glory is their father.            
7 Fine words do not become the foolish, false words become a prince still less.            
8 A gift works like a talisman for one who holds it: it brings prosperity at every turn.            
9 Whoever covers an offence promotes love, whoever again raises the matter divides friends.            
10 A reproof makes more impression on a person of understanding than a hundred strokes on a fool.            
11 The wicked person thinks of nothing but rebellion, but a cruel messenger will be sent to such a one.            
12 Rather come on a bear robbed of her cubs than on a fool in his folly.            
13 Disaster will never be far from the house of one who returns evil for good.            
14 As well unleash a flood as start a dispute; desist before the quarrel breaks out.            
15 To absolve the guilty and condemn the upright, both alike are abhorrent to Yahweh.            
16 What good is money in the hand of a fool? To buy wisdom with it? The desire is not there.            
17 A friend is a friend at all times, it is for adversity that a brother is born.            
18 Whoever offers guarantees lacks sense and goes surety for a neighbour.            
19 The double-dealer loves sin, the proud courts ruin.            
20 The tortuous of heart finds no happiness, the perverse of speech falls into misery.            
21 He who fathers a stupid child does so to his sorrow, the father of a fool knows no joy.            
22 A glad heart is excellent medicine, a depressed spirit wastes the bones away.            
23 Under cover of his cloak a bad man takes a gift to pervert the course of justice.            
24 The intelligent has wisdom there before him, but the eyes of a fool range to the ends of the earth.            
25 A foolish child is a father's sorrow, and the grief of her who gave the child birth.            
26 To fine the upright is indeed a crime, to strike the noble is an injustice.            
27 Whoever can control the tongue knows what knowledge is, someone of understanding keeps a cool temper.            
28 If the fool holds his tongue, he may pass for wise; if he seals his lips, he may pass for intelligent.            

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