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1 Composition of Qoheleth son of David, king in Jerusalem. ECCLESIASTES. Life is useless. Ec.1.1-11          
2 Sheer futility, Qoheleth says. Sheer futility: everything is futile!            
3 What profit can we show for all our toil, toiling under the sun?            
4 A generation goes, a generation comes, yet the earth stands firm for ever.            
5 The sun rises, the sun sets; then to its place it speeds and there it rises.            
6 Southward goes the wind, then turns to the north; it turns and turns again; then back to its circling goes the wind.            
7 Into the sea go all the rivers, and yet the sea is never filled, and still to their goal the rivers go.            
8 All things are wearisome. No one can say that eyes have not had enough of seeing, ears their fill of hearing.            
9 What was, will be again, what has been done, will be done again, and there is nothing new under the sun!            
10 Take anything which people acclaim as being new: it existed in the centuries preceding us.            
11 No memory remains of the past, and so it will be for the centuries to come -- they will not be remembered by their successors.            
12 I, Qoheleth, have reigned over Israel in Jerusalem. The philosopher's experience. Ec.1.12-2.26          
13 Wisely I have applied myself to investigation and exploration of everything that happens under heaven. What a wearisome task God has given humanity to keep us busy!            
14 I have seen everything that is done under the sun: how futile it all is, mere chasing after the wind!            
15 What is twisted cannot be straightened, what is not there cannot be counted.            
16 I thought to myself: I have acquired a greater stock of wisdom than anyone before me in Jerusalem. I myself have mastered every kind of wisdom and science.            
17 I have applied myself to understanding philosophy and science, stupidity and folly, and I now realise that all this too is chasing after the wind.            
18 Much wisdom, much grief; the more knowledge, the more sorrow.            

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