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Tobit by Passage Psg Reference
Tobit's early life.Tob.1.3-5
Tobit's faithfulness.Tob.1.6-8
Tobit's faithfulness in exile.Tob.1.9-15
Tobit buries the dead.Tob.1.16-20
Tobit's nephew rescues him.Tob.1.21-22
A family celebration.Tob.2.1-2
A murder in Nineveh.Tob.2.3-8
- feasts turned into mourning Am.8:10
Tobit blinded.Tob.2.9-10
A family quarrel.Tob.2.11-14
Tobit's prayer.Tob.3.1-6
Sarah's troubles.Tob.3.7-10
Sarah's prayer.Tob.3.11-15
God heres the prayers of Tobit & Sarah.Tob.3.16-17
Tobit's advice to Tobias.Tob.4.1-21
Travel preparations.Tob.5.1-3
Tobias & Tobit meet Raphael.Tob.5.4-21
Tobias catches a fish.Tob.6.1-8
On the way to Ecbatana.Tob.6.9-17
At Raguel's house.Tob.7.1-12
The marriage ceremony.Tob.7.13-18
The demon expelled.Tob.8.1-3
Tobias' prayer.Tob.8.4-9
Anxious parents.Tob.8.9-15
Raguel's prayer.Tob.8.15-18
The wedding feast.Tob.8.19-21
The journey to Rages.Tob.9.1-6
Tobit & Anna are worried.Tob.10.1-7
Departure for Ecbatana.Tob.10.7-11.1
The homecoming.Tob.11.2-9
Tobit's cure.Tob.11.10-15
Sarah's arrival.Tob.11.16-19
The angel Raphael.Tob.12.1-22
Tobit's song of praise.Tob.13.1-18
Tobit's final advice.Tob.14.1-15

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