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Parallel Passages:
Book of Kells: A page of the Eusebian Canons (upper section).

Passage Psg Revised Standard Version 1 2 3 4
The Genealogy of Jesus ChristMt.1.1-17|Mt.1.1-17| →Lk.3.23-38
The Birth of Jesus ChristMt.1.18-25|Mt.1.18-25| →Lk.2.1-7
- Behold, a virgin shall conceiveMt.1.23|Mt.1.23| →Is.7.14 Is.8.8
The Visit of the Wise MenMt.2.1-12
- And you, O BethlehemMt.2.6|Mt.2.6| →Mic.5.2
The Flight to EgyptMt.2.13-15
- Out of Egypt have I called my sonMt.2.15|Mt.2.15| →Hs.11.1
The Slaying of the InfantsMt.2.16-18
- A voice was heard in RamahMt.2.18|Mt.2.18| →Jr.31.15
The Return from EgyptMt.2.19-23
The Preaching of John the BaptistMt.3.1-12|Mt.3.1-12| →Mk.1.1-8 Lk.3.1-9 Jn.1.19-28
- The voice of one crying in the wildernessMt.3.3|Mt.3.3| →Is.40.3
The Baptism of JesusMt.3.13-17|Mt.3.13-17| →Mk.1.9-11 Lk.3.21-22
The Temptation of JesusMt.4.1-11|Mt.4.1-11| →Mk.1.12-13 Lk.4.1-13
- Man shall not live by bread aloneMt.4.4|Mt.4.4| →Dt.8.3
- He will give his angels charge of youMt.4.6|Mt.4.6| →Ps.91.11-12
- You shall not tempt the Lord your GodMt.4.7|Mt.4.7| →Dt.6.16
- You shall worship the Lord your GodMt.4.10|Mt.4.10| →Dt.6.13
The Beginning of the Galilean MinistryMt.4.12-17|Mt.4.12-17| →Mk.1.14-15 Lk.4.14-15
- The land of Zeb'ulun.Mt.4.15-16|Mt.4.15-16| →Is.9.1-2 Is.42.7
The Calling of Four FishermenMt.4.18-22|Mt.4.18-22| →Mk.1.16-20 Lk.5.1-11
Ministering to a Great MultitudeMt.4.23-25|Mt.4.23-25| →Lk.6.17-19
The Sermon on the MountMt.5.1-7.29
The BeatitudesMt.5.3-11|Mt.5.3-11| →Lk.6.20-23
Salt and LightMt.5.13-16|Mt.5.13-16| →Mk.9.50 Lk.14.34-35
Teaching about the LawMt.5.17-20
Teaching about AngerMt.5.21-26
Teaching about AdulteryMt.5.27-30
Teaching about DivorceMt.5.31-32|Mt.5.31-32| →Mt.19.9 Mk.10.11-11.12 Lk.16.18
Teaching about OathsMt.5.33-37|Mt.5.33-37| →Lv.19.12 Nu.30.2 Dt.23.21
- But I say to you, Do not swear at all, either by heaven, for it is the throne of God,Mt.5.34|Mt.5.34| →Is.66.1
Teaching about RetaliationMt.5.38-42|Mt.5.38-42| →Lk.6.29-30
Love for EnemiesMt.5.43-48|Mt.5.43-48| →Lk.6.27-28 Lk.6.32-36
Teaching about AlmsgivingMt.6.1-4
Teaching about PrayerMt.6.5-15|Mt.6.5-15| →Lk.11.2-4
Teaching about FastingMt.6.16-18
Treasure in HeavenMt.6.19-21|Mt.6.19-21| →Lk.12.33-34
The Light of the BodyMt.6.22-23|Mt.6.22-23| →Lk.11.34-36
God and MammonMt.6.24|Mt.6.24| →Lk.16.13
Care and AnxietyMt.6.25-34|Mt.6.25-34| →Lk.12.22-34
Judging OthersMt.7.1-6|Mt.7.1-6| →Lk.6.37-38 Lk.6.41-42
Ask, Seek, KnockMt.7.7-12|Mt.7.7-12| →Lk.11.9-13
The Narrow GateMt.7.13-14|Mt.7.13-14| →Lk.13.24
A Tree Known by Its FruitMt.7.15-20|Mt.7.15-20| →Lk.6.43-44
I Never Knew YouMt.7.21-23|Mt.7.21-23| →Lk.13.25-27
The Two FoundationsMt.7.24-29|Mt.7.24-29| →Lk.6.47-49
The Cleansing of a LeperMt.8.1-4|Mt.8.1-4| →Mk.1.40-45 Lk.5.12-16
The Healing of a centurion's ServantMt.8.5-13|Mt.8.5-13| →Lk.7.1-10 Jn.4.43-54
The Healing of Many PeopleMt.8.14-17|Mt.8.14-17| →Mk.1.29-34 Lk.4.38-41
- He took our infirmitiesMt.8.17|Mt.8.17| →Is.53.4
The Would-be Followers of JesusMt.8.18-22|Mt.8.18-22| →Lk.9.57-62
The Calming of a StormMt.8.23-27|Mt.8.23-27| →Mk.4.35-41 Lk.8.22-25
The Healing of the Gadarene DemoniacsMt.8.28-34|Mt.8.28-34| →Mk.5.1-20 Lk.8.26-39
The Healing of a ParalyticMt.9.1-8|Mt.9.1-8| →Mk.2.1-12 Lk.5.17-26
The Calling of MatthewMt.9.9-13|Mt.9.9-13| →Mk.2.13-17 Lk.5.27-32
- I desire mercy, and not sacrificeMt.9.13|Mt.9.13| →Hs.6.6
The Question about FastingMt.9.14-17|Mt.9.14-17| →Mk.2.18-22 Lk.5.33-39
The Ruler's Daughter and the Woman who Touched Jesus' GarmentMt.9.18-26|Mt.9.18-26| →Mk.5.21-43 Lk.8.40-56
The Healing of Two Blind MenMt.9.27-31
The Healing of a Dumb ManMt.9.32-34
The Compassion of JesusMt.9.35-37
The Mission of the TwelveMt.10.1-4|Mt.10.1-4| →Mk.3.13-19 Lk.6.12-16
The Commissioning of the TwelveMt.10.5-15|Mt.10.5-15| →Mk.6.7-13 Lk.9.1-6
Coming PersecutionsMt.10.16-25|Mt.10.16-25| →Mk.13.9-13 Lk.21.12-17
Whom to FearMt.10.26-31|Mt.10.26-31| →Lk.12.2-7
Confessing Christ before MenMt.10.32-33|Mt.10.32-33| →Lk.12.8-9
Not Peace, but a SwordMt.10.34-39|Mt.10.34-39| →Lk.12.51-53 Lk.14.26-27
- and a man's foes will be those of his own household.Mt.10.36|Mt.10.36| →Mic.7.6
RewardsMt.10.40-42|Mt.10.40-42| →Mk.9.41
The Messengers from John the BaptistMt.11.2-19|Mt.11.2-19| →Lk.7.18-35
- the blind receive their sightMt.11.5|Mt.11.5| →Is.35.5-6 Is.42.18 Is.61.1
- I send my messenger before thy faceMt.11.10|Mt.11.10| →Mal.3.1
Woes to Unrepentent CitiesMt.11.20-24|Mt.11.20-24| →Lk.10.13-15
- if the mighty works ... had been done in SodomMt.11.23|Mt.11.23| →Jn.3.7-8 Is.14.13-15
Come to Me and RestMt.11.25-30|Mt.11.25-30| →Lk.10.21-22
Plucking Grain on the SabbathMt.12.1-8|Mt.12.1-8| →Mk.2.23-28 Lk.6.1-5
- I desire mercy, and not sacrificeMt.12.7|Mt.12.7| →Hs.6.6
The Man with a Withered HandMt.12.9-14|Mt.12.9-14| →Mk.3.1-6 Lk.6.6-11
The Chosen ServantMt.12.15-21
- Behold, my servant whom I have chosenMt.12.18-21|Mt.12.18-21| →Is.42.1-4
Jesus and BeelzebulMt.12.22-32|Mt.12.22-32| →Mk.3.20-30 Lk.11.14-23 Lk.12.10
A Tree and Its FruitsMt.12.33-37|Mt.12.33-37| →Mk.8.11-12 Lk.11.29-32
- Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the whaleMt.12.40|Mt.12.40| →Jn.1.17
The Return of the Unclean SpiritMt.12.43-45|Mt.12.43-45| →Lk.11.24-26
The Mother and Brothers of JesusMt.12.46-50|Mt.12.46-50| →Mk.3.31-35 Lk.8.19-21
The Parable of the SowerMt.13.1-9|Mt.13.1-9| →Mk.4.1-9 Lk.8.4-8
The Purpose of the ParablesMt.13.10-17|Mt.13.10-17| →Mk.4.10-12 Lk.8.9-10
- You shall indeed hear but never understandMt.13.14-15|Mt.13.14-15| →Is.6.9-10 Ez.12.2
The Parable of the Sower ExplainedMt.13.18-23|Mt.13.18-23| →Mk.4.13-20 Lk.8.11-13
The Parable of the Weeds among the WheatMt.13.24-30
The Parables of the Mustard Seed and the LeavenMt.13.31-33|Mt.13.31-33| →Mk.4.31-32 Lk.13.18-21
The Use of the ParablesMt.13.34-35|Mt.13.34-35| →Mk.4.33-34
- I will open my mouth in parablesMt.13.35|Mt.13.35| →Ps.78.2
The Parable of the Weeds ExplainedMt.13.36-43
Three ParablesMt.13.44-50
Treasure Old and NewMt.13.51-52
The Rejection of Jesus at NazarethMt.13.53-58|Mt.13.53-58| →Mk.6.1-6 Lk.4.16-30
The Death of John the BaptistMt.14.1-12|Mt.14.1-12| →Mk.6.14-29 Lk.9.7-9
The Feeding of the Five ThousandMt.14.13-21|Mt.14.13-21| →Mk.6.30-44 Lk.9.10-17 Jn.6.1-14
Walking on the WaterMt.14.22-33|Mt.14.22-33| →Mk.6.45-52 Jn.6.15-21
The Healing of the Sick in GennesaretMt.14.34-36|Mt.14.34-36| →Mk.6.53-56
The Tradition of the EldersMt.15.1-20|Mt.15.1-20| →Mk.7.1-23
- Honour your father and your motherMt.15.4|Mt.15.4| →Ex.20.12 Dt.5.16 Ex.21.17
- This people honours me with their lipsMt.15.8-9|Mt.15.8-9| →Is.29.13
The Canaanite Woman's FaithMt.15.21-28|Mt.15.21-28| →Mk.7.24-30
The Healing of Many PeopleMt.15.29-31
The Feeding of the Four ThousandMt.15.32-39|Mt.15.32-39| →Mk.8.1-10
The Demand for a SignMt.16.1-4|Mt.16.1-4| →Mk.8.11-13 Lk.12.54-56
The Leaven of the Pharisees and SadduceesMt.16.5-12|Mt.16.5-12| →Mk.8.14-21
Peter's Declaration about JesusMt.16.13-20|Mt.16.13-20| →Mk.8.27-30 Lk.9.18-21
Jesus Foretells His Death and ResurrectionMt.16.21-28|Mt.16.21-28| →Mk.8.31-9.1 Lk.9.22-27
The Transfiguration of JesusMt.17.1-13|Mt.17.1-13| →Mk.9.2-13 Lk.9.28-36
The Healing of a Boy with a DemonMt.17.14-21|Mt.17.14-21| →Mk.9.14-29 Lk.9.37-43
Jesus again Foretells his Death and ResurrectionMt.17.22-23|Mt.17.22-23| →Mk.9.30-32 Lk.9.43-45
Payment of the Temple TaxMt.17.24-27
The Greatest in the KingdomMt.18.1-5|Mt.18.1-5| →Mk.9.33-37 Lk.9.46-48
Temptations to SinMt.18.5-9|Mt.18.5-9| →Mk.9.42-48 Lk.17.1-2
The Parable of the Lost SheepMt.18.10-14|Mt.18.10-14| →Lk.15.3-7
A Brother who SinsMt.18.15-20|Mt.18.15-20| →Lk.17.3
- confirmed by the evidence of two or three witnessesMt.18.16|Mt.18.16| →Dt.19.15
The Parable of the Unforgiving ServantMt.18.21-35
Teaching about DivorceMt.19.1-12|Mt.19.1-12| →Mk.10.1-12
- he made them male and femaleMt.19.4|Mt.19.4| →Gn.1.27 Gn.5.2
- and the two shall become one fleshMt.19.5|Mt.19.5| →Gn.2.24
- a certificate of divorceMt.19.7|Mt.19.7| →Dt.24.1
Little Children BlessedMt.19.13-15|Mt.19.13-15| →Mk.10.13-16 Lk.18.15-17
The Rich Young ManMt.19.16-30|Mt.19.16-30| →Mk.10.17-31 Lk.18.18-30
- You shall not killMt.19.18|Mt.19.18| →Ex.20.12-16 Dt.5.16
- Honour your father and motherMt.19.19|Mt.19.19| →Lv.19.18
The Workers in the VineyardMt.20.1-16
A Third Time Jesus foretells His Death and ResurrectionMt.20.17-19|Mt.20.17-19| →Mk.10.32-34 Lk.18.31-34
The Request of James and JohnMt.20.20-28|Mt.20.20-28| →Mk.10.35-45
The Healing of Two Blind MenMt.20.29-34|Mt.20.29-34| →Mk.10.46-52 Lk.18.35-43
The Triumphal Entry into JerusalemMt.21.1-11|Mt.21.1-11| →Mk.11.1-11 Lk.19.28-38 Jn.12.12-19
- Tell the daughter of Zion Mt.21.5 | Mt.21.5 | →Is.62.11 Zch.9.9
- Hosanna to the Son of David Mt.21.9 | Mt.21.9 | →Ps.118.26
The Cleansing of the Temple.Mt.21.12-17|Mt.21.12-17| →Mk.11.15-19 Lk.19.45-48 Jn.2.13-22
- My house shall be called a house of prayerMt.21.13|Mt.21.13| →Is.56.7 Is.60.7 Jr.7.11
- Out of the mouth of babes and sucklingsMt.21.16|Mt.21.16| →Ps.8.2
The Cursing of the Fig TreeMt.21.18-22|Mt.21.18-22| →Mk.11.12-14 Mk.11.20-24
The Authority of Jesus QuestionedMt.21.23-27|Mt.21.23-27| →Mk.11.27-33 Lk.20.1-8
The Parable of the Two SonsMt.21.28-32
The Parable of the Vineyard and the TenantsMt.21.33-46|Mt.21.33-46| →Mk.12.1-12 Lk.20.9-19
- the kingdom of God ... given to a nation producing the fruits Mt.21.43 | Mt.21.43 | →Ps.118.22-23
The Parable of the Marriage FeastMt.22.1-14|Mt.22.1-14| →Lk.14.15-24
Paying Taxes to CaesarMt.22.15-22|Mt.22.15-22| →Mk.12.13-17 Lk.20.20-26
The Question about the ResurrectionMt.22.23-33|Mt.22.23-33| →Mk.12.18-27 Lk.20.27-40
- 'If a man dies, having no childrenMt.22.24|Mt.22.24| →Dt.25.5
- 'I am the God of Abraham, and the God of JacobMt.22.32|Mt.22.32| →Ex.3.6 Ex.3.15
The Great CommandmentMt.22.34-40|Mt.22.34-40| →Mk.12.28-34 Lk.10.25-28
- You shall love the Lord your God with all your heartMt.22.37|Mt.22.37| →Dt.6.5 Jos.22.5
- You shall love your neighbour as yourself.Mt.22.39|Mt.22.39| →Lv.19.18
The Question about David's SonMt.22.41-46|Mt.22.41-46| →Mk.12.35-37 Lk.20.41-44
- The Lord said to my LordMt.22.44|Mt.22.44| →Ps.110.1
The Denouncing of the Scribes and PhariseesMt.23.1-36|Mt.23.1-36| →Mk.12.38-40 Lk.11.37-52 Lk.20.45-47
The Lament over JerusalemMt.23.37-39|Mt.23.37-39| →Lk.13.34-35
- Behold, your house is forsaken and desolate.Mt.23.38|Mt.23.38| →1Kgs.9.7-8 Jr.22.5
- Blessed is he who comes in the name of the LordMt.23.39|Mt.23.39| →Ps.118.26
The Destruction of the Temple ForetoldMt.24.1-2|Mt.24.1-2| →Mk.13.1-2 Lk.21.5-6
The Beginning of the WoesMt.24.3-14|Mt.24.3-14| →Mk.13.3-13 Lk.21.7-19
The Great TribulationMt.24.15-28|Mt.24.15-28| →Mk.13.14-23 Lk.21.20-24
- For then there will be great tribulationMt.24.21|Mt.24.21| →Dn.12.1 Jl.2.2
The Coming of the Son of Man Mt.24.29-31 | Mt.24.29-31 | →Mk.13.24-37 Lk.21.25-28
- then will appear the sign of the Son of manMt.24.30|Mt.24.30| →Zch.12.10-14
The Lesson of the Fig TreeMt.24.32-35|Mt.24.32-35| →Mk.13.28-31 Lk.21.29-33
The Unknown Day and HourMt.24.36-44|Mt.24.36-44| →Mk.13.32-37 Lk.17.26-30 Lk.17.34-36
The Faithful or the Unfaithful ServantMt.24.45-51|Mt.24.45-51| →Lk.12.41-48
The Parable of the Ten MaidensMt.25.1-13
The Parable of the TalentsMt.25.14-30|Mt.25.14-30| →Lk.19.11-27
The Judgment of the NationsMt.25.31-46
The Plot to Kill JesusMt.26.1-5|Mt.26.1-5| →Mk.14.1-2 Lk.22.1-2 Jn.11.45-53
The Anointing at Bethany Mt.26.6-13 | Mt.26.6-13 | →Mk.14.3-9 Lk.12.1-8
Judas' Agreement to Betray JesusMt.26.14-16|Mt.26.14-16| →Mk.14.10-11 Lk.22.3-6
- they paid him thirty pieces of silver.Mt.26.15|Mt.26.15| →Zch.11.12
The Passover with the DisciplesMt.26.17-25|Mt.26.17-25| →Mk.14.12-21 Lk.22.7-14 Lk.22.21-23 Jn.13.21-30
The Institution of the Lord's SupperMt.26.26-30|Mt.26.26-30| →Mk.14.22-25 Lk.22.14-23 1Cor.11.23-26
Peter's Denial Foretold Mt.26.31-35 | Mt.26.31-35 | →Mk.14.27-31 Lk.22.31-34 Jn.13.36-38
The Prayer in GethsemaneMt.26.36-46|Mt.26.36-46| →Mk.14.32-42 Lk.22.39-46
The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus Mt.26.47-56 | Mt.26.47-56 | →Mk.14.43-50 Lk.22.47-53 Jn.18.3-12
Jesus before the CouncilMt.26.57-68|Mt.26.57-68| →Mk.14.53-65 Lk.22.54-55 Jn.18.13-14 Jn.18.19-24
- hereafter you will see the Son of manMt.26.64|Mt.26.64| →Ps.110.1 Dn.7.13
Peter's Denial of JesusMt.26.69-75|Mt.26.69-75| →Mk.14.66-72 Lk.22.56-62 Jn.18.15-18 Jn.18.25-27
Jesus Brought before PilateMt.27.1-2|Mt.27.1-2| →Mk.15.1 Lk.23.1-2 Jn.18.28-32
The Death of JudasMt.27.3-10|Mt.27.3-10| →Ac.1.18-19
- And they took the thirty pieces of silverMt.27.9|Mt.27.9| →Zch.11.12-13
Jesus Questioned by PilateMt.27.11-14|Mt.27.11-14| →Mk.15.2-5 Lk.23.3-5 Jn.18.33-38
Jesus Sentenced to DieMt.27.15-26|Mt.27.15-26| →Mk.15.6-15 Lk.23.13-25 Jn.18.39-19.16
The Soldiers Mock JesusMt.27.27-31|Mt.27.27-31| →Mk.15.16-20 Jn.19.2-3
The Crucifixion of JesusMt.27.32-44|Mt.27.32-44| →Mk.15.21-32 Lk.23.26-43 Jn.19.17-27
- they offered him wine to drink, mingled with gall - but when he tasted it, he would not drinkMt.27.34|Mt.27.34| →Ps.69.21
- And when they had crucified him, they divided his garments among them by casting lots -Mt.27.35|Mt.27.35| →Ps.22.18
- And those who passed by derided him, wagging their headsMt.27.39|Mt.27.39| →Ps.22.7 Ps.109.25 Lm.2.15
- He trusts in God - let God deliver him now, if he desires him - for he said, 'I am the Son ofMt.27.43|Mt.27.43| →Ps.22.8
The Death of JesusMt.27.45-56|Mt.27.45-56| →Mk.15.33-41 Lk.23.44-49 Jn.19.28-30
- My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?Mt.27.46|Mt.27.46| →Ps.22.1
The Burial of JesusMt.27.57-61|Mt.27.57-61| →Mk.15.42-47 Lk.23.50-56 Jn.19.38-42
The Guard on the TombMt.27.62-66
The Resurrection of JesusMk.28.1-10|Mk.28.1-10| →Mk.16.1-8 Lk.24.1-12 Jn.20.1-10
The Report of the GuardMt.28.11-15
The Commissioning of the DisciplesMt.28.16-20|Mt.28.16-20| →Mk.16.14-18 Lk.24.36-49 Jn.20.19-23 Ac.1.6-8
The Preaching of John the Baptist Mk.1.1-8 | Mk.1.1-8 | →Mt.3.1-12 Lk.3.1-9 Jn.1.19-28
- Behold, I send my messengerMk.1.2|Mk.1.2| →Mal.3.1
- the voice of one crying in the wilderness Mk.1.3 | Mk.1.3 | →Is.40.1
The Baptism of JesusMk.1.9-11|Mk.1.9-11| →Mt.3.13-17 Lk.3.21-22
The Temptation of JesusMk.1.12-13|Mk.1.12-13| →Mt.4.1-11 Lk.4.1-13
The Calling of Four FishermenMk.1.14-20|Mk.1.14-20| →Mt.4.18-22 Lk.4.14-15 Lk.5.1-11
The Man with an Unclean SpiritMk.1.21-28|Mk.1.21-28| →Lk.4.31-37
Jesus heals many peopleMk.1.29-34|Mk.1.29-34| →Mt.8.14-17 Lk.4.38-41
Jesus preaches in GalileeMk.1.35-39|Mk.1.35-39| →Lk.4.42-44
The Cleansing of a LeperMk.1.40-45|Mk.1.40-45| →Mt.8.1-4 Lk.5.12-16
The Healing of a ParalyticMk.2.1-12|Mk.2.1-12| →Mt.9.1-8 Lk.5.17-26
The Calling of LeviMk.2.13-17|Mk.2.13-17| →Mt.9.9-13 Lk.5.27-32
The Question about FastingMk.2.18-22|Mk.2.18-22| →Mt.9.14-17 Lk.5.33-39
Plucking Grain on the SabbathMk.2.23-28|Mk.2.23-28| →Mt.12.1-8 Lk.6.1-5
The Man with a Withered HandMk.3.1-6|Mk.3.1-6| →Mt.12.9-14 Lk.6.6-11
A Multitude at the SeasideMk.3.7-12
The choosing of the TwelveMk.3.13-19|Mk.3.13-19| →Mt.10.1-4 Lk.6.12-16
Jesus and BeelzebulMk.3.20-30|Mk.3.20-30| →Mt.12.22-32 Lk.11.14-23 Lk.12.10
The Mother and Brothers of JesusMk.3.31-35|Mk.3.31-35| →Mt.12.46-50 Lk.8.19-21
The Parable of the SowerMk.4.1-9|Mk.4.1-9| →Mt.13.1-9 Lk.8.4-8
The Purpose of the ParablesMk.4.10-12|Mk.4.10-12| →Mt.13.10-17 Lk.8.9-10
- so that they may indeed see but not perceiveMk.4.12|Mk.4.12| →Is.6.9-10
The Parable of the Sower ExplainedMk.4.13-20|Mk.4.13-20| →Mt.13.18-23 Lk.8.11-13
A Light under a BushelMk.4.21-25|Mk.4.21-25| →Lk.8.16-18
The Parable of the Growing SeedMk.4.26-29
The Parable of the Mustard SeedMk.4.30-32|Mk.4.30-32| →Mt.13.31-33 Lk.13.18-21
The Use of the ParablesMk.4.33-34|Mk.4.33-34| →Mt.13.34-35
The Calming of a StormMk.4.35-41|Mk.4.35-41| →Mt.8.23-27 Lk.8.22-25
The Healing of the Gadarene Demoniac Mk.5.1-20|Mk.5.1-20| →Mt.8.28-34 Lk.8.26-39
Jairus' Daughter and the Woman who Touched Jesus' GarmentMk.5.21-43|Mk.5.21-43| →Mt.9.18-26 Lk.8.40-56
The Rejection of Jesus at NazarethMk.6.1-6|Mk.6.1-6| →Mt.13.53-58 Lk.4.16-30
The mission of the Twelve Mk.6.6-13|Mk.6.6-13| →Mt.10.5-15 Lk.9.1-6
The Death of John the Baptist Mk.6.14-29|Mk.6.14-29| →Mt.14.1-12 Lk.9.7-9
The Feeding of the Five Thousand Mk.6.30-44|Mk.6.30-44| →Mt.14.13-21 Lk.9.10-17 Jn.6.1-14
Walking on the WaterMk.6.45-52|Mk.6.45-52| →Mt.14.22-33 Jn.6.15-21
The Healing of the Sick in GennesaretMk.6.53-56|Mk.6.53-56| →Mt.14.34-36
The Tradition of the EldersMk.7.1-23|Mk.7.1-23| →Mt.15.1-20
- This people honours me with their lipsMk.7.6-7|Mk.7.6-7| →Is.29.13
- Honor your father and your motherMk.7.10|Mk.7.10| →Ex.20.12 Dt.5.16
The Syrophoenician Woman's FaithMk.7.24-30|Mk.7.24-30| →Mt.15.21-28
A Deaf and Dumb Man Healed Mk.7.31-37
The Feeding of the Four ThousandMk.8.1-10|Mk.8.1-10| →Mt.15.32-39
The Demand for a SignMk.8.11-13|Mk.8.11-13| →Mt.16.1-4 Lk.12.54-56
The Leaven of the Pharisees and of HerodMk.8.14-21|Mk.8.14-21| →Mt.16.5-12
- Having eyes do you not see, and having earsMk.8.18|Mk.8.18| →Is.6.9-10
The Healing of a Blind Man at BethsaidaMk.8.22-26
Peter's Declaration about JesusMk.8.27-30|Mk.8.27-30| →Mt.16.13-20 Lk.9.18-21
Jesus Foretells His Death and Resurrection Mk.8.31-9.1|Mk.8.31-9.1| →Mt.16.21-28 Lk.9.22-27
The Transfiguration of Jesus Mk.9.2-13|Mk.9.2-13| →Mt.17.1-13 Lk.9.28-36
The Healing of a Boy with an Unclean SpiritMk.9.14-29|Mk.9.14-29| →Mt.17.14-21 Lk.9.37-43
Jesus again Foretells his Death and ResurrectionMk.9.30-32|Mk.9.30-32| →Mt.17.22-23 Lk.9.43-45
Who is the Greatest?Mk.9.33-37|Mk.9.33-37| →Mt.18.1-5 Lk.9.46-48
He Who is Not against Us is for UsMk.9.38-41|Mk.9.38-41| →Lk.9.48-50
Temptations to SinMk.9.42-48|Mk.9.42-48| →Mt.18.6-9 Lk.17.1-2
- where their worm does not dieMk.9.48|Mk.9.48| →Is.66.24
Teaching about DivorceMk.10.1-12|Mk.10.1-12| →Mt.19.1-12
- Moses allowed a man to write a certificate of divorceMk.10.4|Mk.10.4| →Dt.24.1-3
- God made them male and femaleMk.10.6|Mk.10.6| →Gn.1.27 Gn.5.2
- A man shall leave his father and mother Mk.10.7|Mk.10.7| →Gn.2.24
Little Children BlessedMk.10.13-16|Mk.10.13-16| →Mt.19.13-15 Lk.18.15-17
The Rich ManMk.10.17-31|Mk.10.17-31| →Mt.19.16-30 Lk.18.18-30
- You know the commandmentsMk.10.19|Mk.10.19| →Ex.20.12-16 Dt.5.16
A Third Time Jesus foretells His Death and ResurrectionMk.10.32-34|Mk.10.32-34| →Mt.20.17-19 Lk.18.31-34
The Request of James and JohnMk.10.35-45|Mk.10.35-45| →Mt.20.20-28
The Healing of Blind BartimaeusMk.10.46-52|Mk.10.46-52| →Mt.20.29-34 Lk.18.35-43
The Triumphal Entry into JerusalemMk.11.1-11|Mk.11.1-11| →Mt.21.1-11 Lk.19.28-38 Jn.12.12-19
- HosannaMk.11.9|Mk.11.9| →Ps.118.25-26
The Cursing of the Fig TreeMk.11.12-14|Mk.11.12-14| →Mt.21.18-22 Mk.11.20-24
The Cleansing of the Temple.Mk.11.15-19|Mk.11.15-19| →Mt.21.12-17 Lk.19.45-48 Jn.2.12-22
- My house shall be calledMk.11.17|Mk.11.17| →Is.56.7
The Lesson from the Withered Fig TreeMk.11.20-25|Mk.11.20-25| →Mt.21.20-22
The Authority of Jesus QuestionedMk.11.27-33|Mk.11.27-33| →Mt.21.23-27 Lk.20.1-8
The Parable of the Vineyard and the TenantsMk.12.1-17|Mk.12.1-17| →Mt.21.20-22 Lk.20.9-19 Is.5.1-2
- The stone which the builders rejected.Mk.12.10-11|Mk.12.10-11| →Ps.118.22-23
Paying Taxes to CaesarMk.12.13-17|Mk.12.13-17| →Mt.22.15-22 Lk.20.20-26
The Question about the ResurrectionMk.12.18-27|Mk.12.18-27| →Mt.22.23-33 Lk.20.27-40
The Great CommandmentMk.12.28-34|Mk.12.28-34| →Mt.22.34-40 Lk.10.25-28
- Hear, O IsraelMk.12.29|Mk.12.29| →Dt.6.4-5 Jos.22.5
- You shall love your neighbour as yourselfMk.12.31|Mk.12.31| →Lv.19.18
- And the scribe said to him,Mk.12.32|Mk.12.32| →Dt.6.4 Dt.4.35 Is.45.21
The Question about David's Son Mk.12.35-37|Mk.12.35-37| →Mt.22.41-46 Lk.20.41-44
- The Lord said to my LordMk.12.36|Mk.12.36| →Ps.110.1
The Denouncing of the Scribes Mk.12.38-40|Mk.12.38-40| →Mt.23.1-36 Lk.11.37-52 Lk.20.45-47
The Widow's OfferingMk.12.41-44|Mk.12.41-44| →Lk.21.1-4
The Destruction of the Temple ForetoldMk.13.1-2|Mk.13.1-2| →Mt.24.1-2 Lk.21.5-6
The Beginning of the WoesMk.13.3-13|Mk.13.3-13| →Mt.24.3-14 Lk.21.7-19
Coming PersecutionsMk.13.9-13|Mk.13.9-13| →Mt.10.16-25 Lk.21.12-17
The Great TribulationMk.13.14-23|Mk.13.14-23| →Mt.24.15-28 Lk.21.20-24 Dn.9.27 Dn.11.31
- For in those days there will be such tribulationMk.13.19|Mk.13.19| →Dn.12.1
The Coming of the Son of ManMk.13.24-27|Mk.13.24-27| →Mt.24.32-35 Lk.21.29-33 Is.13.10 Is.34.4
The Lesson of the Fig TreeMk.13.28-31|Mk.13.28-31| →Mt.24.32-35 Lk.21.29-33
The Unknown Day and HourMk.13.32-37|Mk.13.32-37| →Mt.24.36-44 Lk.17.26-30 Lk.17.34-36
The Plot to Kill JesusMk.14.1-2|Mk.14.1-2| →Mt.26.1-5 Lk.22.1-2 Jn.11.45-53
The Anointing at BethanyMk.14.3-9|Mk.14.3-9| →Mt.26.6-13 Lk.12.1-8
Judas' Agreement to Betray JesusMk.14.10-11|Mk.14.10-11| →Mt.26.14-16 Lk.22.3-6
The Passover with the DisciplesMk.14.12-21|Mk.14.12-21| →Mt.26.17-25 Lk.22.7-14 Lk.22.21-23 Jn.13.21-30
The Institution of the Lord's SupperMk.14.22-25|Mk.14.22-25| →Mt.26.26-30 Lk.22.14-23 1Cor.11.23-26
Peter's denial ForetoldMk.14.27-31|Mk.14.27-31| →Mt.26.31-35 Lk.22.31-34 Jn.13.36-38 Zch.13.7
The Prayer in GethsemaneMk.14.32-42|Mk.14.32-42| →Mt.26.36-46 Lk.22.39-46
The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus Mk.14.43-50|Mk.14.43-50| →Mt.26.47-56 Lk.22.47-53 Jn.18.3-12
The Young Man Who FledMk.14.51-52
Jesus before the CouncilMk.14.53-65|Mk.14.53-65| →Mt.26.57-68 Lk.22.54-55 Jn.18.13-14 Jn.18.19-24
- You will see the Son of man seated Mk.14.62|Mk.14.62| →Ps.110.1 Dn.7.13
Peter's Denial of Jesus Mk.14.66-72|Mk.14.66-72| →Mt.26.69-75 Lk.22.56-62 Jn.18.15-18 Jn.18.25-27
Jesus before Pilate Mk.15.1-5|Mk.15.1-5| →Mt.27.11-14 Lk.23.1-5 Jn.18.28-38
Jesus Sentenced to DieMk.15.6-15|Mk.15.6-15| →Mt.27.15-26 Lk.23.13-25 Jn.18.39-19.16
The Soldiers Mock Jesus Mk.15.16-20|Mk.15.16-20| →Mt.27.27-31 Jn.19.2-3
The Crucifixion of JesusMk.15.21-32|Mk.15.21-32| →Mt.27.32-44 Lk.23.26-43 Jn.19.17-27
- divided his garments among them . Mk.15.24|Mk.15.24| →Ps.22.18
- You who would destroy the temple and build it in three daysMk.15.29|Mk.15.29| →Ps.22.7
The Death of Jesus Mk.15.33-41|Mk.15.33-41| →Mt.27.45-56 Lk.23.44-49 Jn.19.28-30
- My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? Mk.15.34|Mk.15.34| →Ps.22.1 Ps.109.25
- And one ran [and,] filling a sponge full of vinegarMk.15.36|Mk.15.36| →Ps.69.21
The Burial of JesusMk.15.42-47|Mk.15.42-47| →Mt.27.57-61 Lk.23.50-56 Jn.19.38-42
The Resurrection of Jesus Mk.16.1-8|Mk.16.1-8| →Mk.28.1-10 Lk.24.1-12 Jn.20.1-10
The Appearance of Mary Magdalene Mk.16.9-11|Mk.16.9-11| →Mt.28.9-10 Jn.20.11-18
The Appearance to Two DisciplesMk16.12-13|Mk16.12-13| →Lk.24.13-35
The Commissioning of the DisciplesMk.16.14-18|Mk.16.14-18| →Mt.28.16-20 Lk.24.36-49 Jn.20.19-23 Ac.1.6-8
The Ascension of JesusMk.16.19-20
A Shorter Ending of MarkMk.16.21
Dedication to TheophilusLk.1.1-4
The Birth of John the Baptist ForetoldLk.1.5-25
- to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children Lk.1.17|Lk.1.17| →Mal.4.5-6 Sir.48.10
The Birth of Jesus ForetoldLk.1.26-38
Mary Visits ElizabethLk.1.39-45
Mary's Song of Praise Lk.1.46-55|Lk.1.46-55| →Odes.11.46-55 1 Sm.2.1-10
- And my spirit rejoices in God my SaviourLk.1.47|Lk.1.47| →2Sm.2.1-10
- for he has regarded the low estate of his handmaiden.Lk.1.48|Lk.1.48| →2Sm.1.11
The Birth of John the BaptistLk.1.57-66
The Prophesy of ZechariahLk.1.67-80
- Blessed be the Lord God of IsraelLk.1.68|Lk.1.68| →Ps.41.13
- for you will go before the Lord to prepare his waysLk.1.76|Lk.1.76| →Mal.3.1
- To give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of deathLk.1.79|Lk.1.79| →Is.9.2 Is.59.8
The Birth of JesusLk.2.1-7|Lk.2.1-7| →Mt.1.18-25
The Shepherds and the AngelsLk.2.8-21
The Presentation of Jesus in the TempleLk.2.22-38
- Every male that opens the womb shall be called holy to the LordLk.2.23|Lk.2.23| →Lv.12.3
- To offerLk.2.24|Lk.2.24| →Ex.13.2-15
Song of SimeonOdes.12.29-32|Odes.12.29-32| →
The Return to NazarethLk.2.39-40
The Boy Jesus in the TempleLk.2.41-52
- And Jesus increased in wisdom and in statureLk.2.52|Lk.2.52| →1Sm.2.26 Pr.3.4
The Preaching of John the BaptistLk.3.1-20|Lk.3.1-20| →Mt.3.1-12 Mk.1.1-8 Jn.1.19-28
- The voice of one crying in the wilderness Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.Lk.3.4-6|Lk.3.4-6| →Is.40.3-5
The Baptism of JesusLk.3.21-22|Lk.3.21-22| →Mt.3.13-17 Mk.1.9-11
The Genealogy of JesusLk.3.23-38|Lk.3.23-38| →Mt.1.1-17
The Temptation of JesusLk.4.1-13|Lk.4.1-13| →Mt.4.1-11 Mk.1.12-13
- Man shall not live by bread aloneLk.4.4|Lk.4.4| →Dt.8.3
- You shall worship the Lord your GodLk.4.8|Lk.4.8| →Dt.6.13-14
- 'He will give his angels charge of youLk.4.10|Lk.4.10| →Ps.91.11-12
- You shall not tempt the Lord your God.Lk.4.12|Lk.4.12| →Dt.6.16
The Beginning of the Galilean MinistryLk.4.14-15|Lk.4.14-15| →Mt.4.12-17 Mk.1.14-15
The Rejection of Jesus at NazarethLk.4.16-30|Lk.4.16-30| →Mt.13.53-58 Mk.6.1-6
- The Spirit of the Lord is upon meLk.4.18|Lk.4.18| →Is.61.1-2 Is.58.6
- to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.Lk.4.19|Lk.4.19| →Lv.25.10
The Man with an Unclean SpiritLk.4.31-37|Lk.4.31-37| →Mk.1.21-28
The Healing of Many PeopleLk.4.38-41|Lk.4.38-41| →Mt.8.14-17 Mk.1.29-34
A Preaching TourLk.4.42-44|Lk.4.42-44| →Mk.1.35-39
The Calling of the First DisciplesLk.5.1-11|Lk.5.1-11| →Mt.4.18-22 Mk.1.16-20
The Cleansing of a LeperLk.5.12-16|Lk.5.12-16| →Mt.8.1-4 Mk.1.40-45
The Healing of a Paralytic Lk.5.17-26|Lk.5.17-26| →Mt.9.1-8 Mk.2.1-12
The Calling of LeviLk.5.27-32|Lk.5.27-32| →Mt.9.9-13 Mk.2.13-17
The Question about FastingLk.5.33-39|Lk.5.33-39| →Mt.9.14-17 Mk.2.18-22
Plucking Grain on the SabbathLk.6.1-5|Lk.6.1-5| →Mt.12.1-8 Mk.2.23-28
The Man with a Withered HandLk.6.6-11|Lk.6.6-11| →Mt.12.9-14 Mk.3.1-6
The Choosing of the TwelveLk.6.12-16|Lk.6.12-16| →Mt.10.1-4 Mk.3.13-19
Ministering to a Great MultitudeLk.6.17-19|Lk.6.17-19| →Mt.4.23-25
Blessings and WoesLk.6.20-26|Lk.6.20-26| →Mt.5.1-12
Love for EnemiesLk.6.27-36|Lk.6.27-36| →Mt.5.43-48 Lk.6.27-28
Judging OthersLk.6.37-42|Lk.6.37-42| →Mt.7.1-6 Lk.6.37-38
A Tree Known by its FruitLk.6.43-45|Lk.6.43-45| →Mt.7.17-20 Mt.12.34b-35
The Two FoundationsLk.6.46-49|Lk.6.46-49| →Mt.7.24-27
The Healing of a centurion's ServantLk.7.1-10|Lk.7.1-10| →Mt.8.5-13 Jn.4.43-45
The Raising of the Widow's Son at Nain Lk.7.11-17
The Messengers from John the BaptistLk.7.18-35|Lk.7.18-35| →Mt.11.2-19
- The blind receive their sightLk.7.22|Lk.7.22| →Mal.3.1
A Sinful Woman ForgivenLk.7.36-50
Some Women Accompany JesusLk.8.1-3
The Parable of the SowerLk.8.4-8|Lk.8.4-8| →Mt.13.1-9 Mk.4.1-9
The Purpose of the ParablesLk.8.9-10|Lk.8.9-10| →Mt.13.10-17 Mk.4.10-12
- seeing they may not seeLk.8.10|Lk.8.10| →Is.6.9-10
The Parable of the Sower ExplainedLk.8.11-15|Lk.8.11-15| →Mt.13.18-23 Mk.4.13-20
The parable about a lamp under a bowlLk.8.16-18|Lk.8.16-18| →Mk.4.21-25
The Mother and Brothers of JesusLk.8.19-21|Lk.8.19-21| →Mt.12.46-50 Mk.3.31-35
The Calming of a StormLk.8.22-25|Lk.8.22-25| →Mt.8.23-27 Mk.4.35-41
The Healing of the Gadarene Demoniacs Lk.8.26-39|Lk.8.26-39| →Mt.8.28-34 Mk.5.1-20
Jairus' Daughter and the Woman who Touched Jesus' GarmentLk.8.40-56|Lk.8.40-56| →Mt.9.18-26 Mk.5.21-43
The Mission of the TwelveLk.9.1-6|Lk.9.1-6| →Mt.10.5-15 Mk.6.7-13
Herod's AnxietyLk.9.7-9|Lk.9.7-9| →Mt.14.1-12 Mk.6.14-29
The Feeding of the Five ThousandLk.9.10-17|Lk.9.10-17| →Mt.14.13-21 Mk.6.30-44 Jn.6.1-14
Peter's Declaration about JesusLk.9.18-21|Lk.9.18-21| →Mt.16.13-20 Mk.8.27-30
Jesus Foretells His Death and Resurrection Lk.9.21-27|Lk.9.21-27| →Mt.16.21-28 Mk.8.31-9.1
The Transfiguration of JesusLk.9.28-36|Lk.9.28-36| →Mt.17.1-13 Mk.9.2-13
The Healing of a Boy with an Unclean SpiritLk.9.37-43|Lk.9.37-43| →Mt.17.14-21 Mk.9.14-29
Jesus again Foretells his Death Lk.9.43b-45|Lk.9.43b-45| →Mt.17.22-23 Mk.9.30-32
Who is the Greatest?Lk.9.46-48|Lk.9.46-48| →Mt.18.1-5 Mk.9.33-37
He who is not Against You is For YouLk.9.49-50|Lk.9.49-50| →Mk.9.38-40
A Samaritan Village Refuses to Receive JesusLk.9.51-56
The Would-Be Followers of JesusLk.9.57-62|Lk.9.57-62| →Mt.8.19-22
The Mission of the Seventy Two Lk.10.1-12
Woes to Unrepentant CitiesLk.10.13-16|Lk.10.13-16| →Mt.11.20-24
- will you be exalted to heaven?Lk.10.15|Lk.10.15| →Is.14.13-15
The Return of the Seventy Two Lk.10.17-20
The Rejoicing of Jesus Mt.10.21-24|Mt.10.21-24| →Mt.11.25-27 Mt.13.16-17
The Good SamaritanLk.10.25-37
- You shall love the Lord your GodLk.10.27|Lk.10.27| →Dt.6.5
Visiting Martha and MaryLk.10.38-42
Teaching about PrayerLk.11.1-13|Lk.11.1-13| →Mt.6.9-15 Mt.7.7-11
Jesus and BeelzebulLk.11.14-23|Lk.11.14-23| →Mt.12.22-32 Mk.3.20-30 Lk.12.10
The Return of the Unclean SpiritLk.11.24-26|Lk.11.24-26| →Mt.12.43-45
True BlessednessLk.11.27-28
The Demand for a SignLk.11.29-32|Lk.11.29-32| →Mt.12.33-37 Mk.8.11-12
The Light of the Body Lk.11.33-36|Lk.11.33-36| →Mt.5.15 Mt.6.22-23
The Denouncing of the Pharisees and LawyersLk.11.37-52|Lk.11.37-52| →Mt.23.1-36 Mk.12.38-40 Lk.20.45-47
A Warning against HypocrisyLk.12.1-3
Whom to FearLk.12.4-7|Lk.12.4-7| →Mt.10.28-31
Confessing Christ before MenLk.12.8-12|Lk.12.8-12| →Mt.10.32-33 Mt.12.32 Mt.10.19-20
The Parable of the Rich FoolLk.12.13-21
Care and AnxietyLk.12.22-34|Lk.12.22-34| →Mt.6.25-34
Watchful ServantsLk.12.35-48|Lk.12.35-48| →Mt.24.45-51
Jesus the Cause of DivisionLk.12.49-53|Lk.12.49-53| →Mt.10.34-36
Discerning the TimeLk.12.54-56|Lk.12.54-56| →Mt.16.2-3
Settling with Your AccuserLk.12.57-59|Lk.12.57-59| →Mt.5.25-26
Repent or PerishLk.13.1-5
The Parable of the Barren Fig TreeLk.13.6-9
The Healing of a Crippled Woman on the SabbathLk.13.10-17
The Parables of the Mustard Seed and the LeavenLk.13.18-21|Lk.13.18-21| →Mt.13.31-33 Mk.4.31-32
The Narrow DoorLk.13.22-30|Lk.13.22-30| →Mt.7.13-14 Mt.7.21-23
The Lament over JerusalemLk.13.31-36|Lk.13.31-36| →Mt.23.37-39
- Blessed is he who comesLk.13.35|Lk.13.35| →Ps.118.26
The Healing of the Man with DropsyLk.14.1-6
A Lesson to Guests and a HostLk.14.7-14
The Parable of the Great BanquetLk.14.15-24|Lk.14.15-24| →Mt.22.1-10
The Cost of DiscipleshipLk.14.25-33|Lk.14.25-33| →Mt.10.37-38
Tasteless SaltLk.14.34-35|Lk.14.34-35| →Mt.5.13-16 Mk.9.50
The Parable of the Lost SheepLk.15.1-7|Lk.15.1-7| →Mt.18.12-14
The Parable of the Lost CoinLk.15.8-10
The Parable of the Lost SonLk.15.11-32
The Parable of the Shrewd ManagerLk.16.1-13
The Law and the Kingdom of GodLk.16.14-18|Lk.16.14-18| →Mt.11.12-13
The parable of the Rich Man and LazarusLk.16.19-31
SinLk.17.1-4|Lk.17.1-4| →Mt.18.6-7 Mt.18.21-22 Mk.9.42
A servant's dutyLk.17.7-10
The Cleansing of Ten LepersLk.17.11-19
The Coming of the KingdomLk.17.20-37|Lk.17.20-37| →Mt.24.23-28 Mt.24.37-41
The Unknown Day and HourLk.17.26-30|Lk.17.26-30| →Mt.24.36-44 Mk.13.32-37 Lk.17.34-36
The Parable of the Widow and the JudgeLk.18.1-8
The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax CollectorLk.18.9-14
Little Children BlessedLk.18.15-17|Lk.18.15-17| →Mt.19.13-15 Mk.10.13-16
The Rich Young ManLk.18.18-30|Lk.18.18-30| →Mt.19.16-30 Mk.10.17-31
A Third Time Jesus foretells His Death and ResurrectionLk.18.31-34|Lk.18.31-34| →Mt.20.17-19 Mk.10.32-34
The Healing of a Blind Beggar near JerichoLk.18.35-43|Lk.18.35-43| →Mt.20.29-34 Mk.10.46-52
Jesus and ZacchaeusLk.19.1-10
The Parable of the Ten PoundsLk.19.11-27|Lk.19.11-27| →Mt.25.14-30
The Triumphal Entry into JerusalemLk.19.28-38|Lk.19.28-38| →Mt.21.1-11 Mk.11.1-11 Jn.12.12-19
- Blessed is the KingLk.19.38|Lk.19.38| →Ps.118.26
The Cleansing of the TempleLk.19.45-48|Lk.19.45-48| →Mt.21.12-17 Mk.11.15-19 Jn.2.13-22
- My house shall be a house of prayerLk.19.46|Lk.19.46| →Is.56.7 Jr.7.11
The Authority of Jesus QuestionedLk.20.1-8|Lk.20.1-8| →Mt.21.23-27 Mk.11.27-33
The Parable of the Vineyard and the TenantsLk.20.9-19|Lk.20.9-19| →Mt.21.33-46 Mk.12.1-12 Is.5.1
- The very stone which the builders rejectedLk.20.17-18|Lk.20.17-18| →Ps.118.22
Paying Taxes to CaesarLk.20.19-26|Lk.20.19-26| →Mt.22.15-22 Mk.12.13-17
The Question about the ResurrectionLk.20.27-40|Lk.20.27-40| →Mt.22.23-33 Mk.12.18-27
- even Moses showed, in the passage about the bushLk.20.37|Lk.20.37| →Ex.3.2-6
The Question about David's SonLk.20.41-44|Lk.20.41-44| →Mt.22.41-46 Mk.12.35-37
- The Lord said to my LordLk.20.42-44|Lk.20.42-44| →Ps.110.1
The Denouncing of the ScribesLk.20.45-47|Lk.20.45-47| →Mt.23.1-36 Mk.12.38-40 Lk.11.37-54
The Widow's OfferingLk.21.1-4|Lk.21.1-4| →Mk.12.41-44
The Destruction of the Temple ForetoldLk.21.5-6|Lk.21.5-6| →Mt.24.1-2 Mk.13.1-2
Signs and PersecutionsLk.21.8-19|Lk.21.8-19| →Mt.24.3-14 Mk.13.3-13
The Destruction of Jerusalem ForetoldLk.21.20-24|Lk.21.20-24| →Mt.24.15-21 Mk.13.14-19
The Coming of the Son of ManLk.21.25-28|Lk.21.25-28| →Mt.24.29-31 Mk.13.24-37
- For the powers of the heavens will be shakenLk.21.26|Lk.21.26| →Is.34.4
- the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great gloryLk.21.27|Lk.21.27| →Dn.7.13
The Lesson of the Fig TreeLk.21.29-33|Lk.21.29-33| →Mt.24.32-35 Mk.13.28-31
Exhortation to WatchLk.21.34-38
The Plot to Kill JesusLk.22.1-2|Lk.22.1-2| →Mt.26.1-5 Mk.14.1-2 Jn.11.45-53
The Preparation of the PassoverLk.22.7-13|Lk.22.7-13| →Mt.26.17-25 Mk.14.12-21 Lk.22.21-23 Jn.13.21-30
The Institution of the Lord's SupperLk.22.14-23|Lk.22.14-23| →Mt.26.26-30 Mk.14.22-25 1Cor.11.23-26
The Dispute about GreatnessLk.22.24-30
Peter's Denial ForetoldLk.22.31-34|Lk.22.31-34| →Mt.26.31-35 Mk.14.27-31 Jn.13.36-38
Purse, Bag, and SwordLk.22.35-38
The Prayer on the Mount of OlivesLk.22.39-46|Lk.22.39-46| →Mt.26.36-46 Mk.14.32-42
The Betrayal and Arrest of JesusLk.22.47-53|Lk.22.47-53| →Mt.26.47-56 Mk.14.43-50 Jn.18.3-12
Peter's Denial of JesusLk.22.54-62|Lk.22.54-62| →Mt.26.57-75 Mk.14.53-72 Jn.18.12-18 Jn.18.25-27
Jesus Mocked and BeatenLk.22.63-65|Lk.22.63-65| →Mt.26.67-68 Mk.14.65
Jesus before the CouncilLk.22.66-71|Lk.22.66-71| →Mt.26.59-66 Mk.14.55-64 Jn.18.19-24
- the Son of man shall be seated at the right hand of the power of God Lk.22.69|Lk.22.69| →Dn.7.13 Ps.110.1
Jesus Brought Before PilateLk.23.1-5|Lk.23.1-5| →Mt.27.1-14 Mk.15.1-5 Jn.18.28-38
Jesus before HerodLk.23.6-12
Jesus Sentenced to DieLk.23.13-25|Lk.23.13-25| →Mt.27.15-26 Mk.15.6-15 Jn.18.39-19.16
The Crucifixion of JesusLk.23.26-43|Lk.23.26-43| →Mt.27.32-44 Mk.15.21-32 Jn.19.17-27
- Then they will begin to say to the mountainsLk.23.30|Lk.23.30| →Hs.10.8
- Father, forgive them Lk.23.34|Lk.23.34| →Is.53.12 Ps.22.18
- scoffed at him, saying, He saved othersLk.23.35|Lk.23.35| →Ps.22.7
The Death of JesusLk.23.44-49|Lk.23.44-49| →Mt.27.45-56 Mk.15.33-41 Jn.19.28-30
- Father, into thy hands I commit my spirit!Lk.23.46|Lk.23.46| →Ps.31.5
The Burial of JesusLk.23.50-56|Lk.23.50-56| →Mt.27.57-61 Mk.15.42-47 Jn.19.38-42
The Resurrection of Jesus Lk.24.1-12|Lk.24.1-12| →Mk.28.1-10 Mk.16.1-8 Jn.20.1-10
The Walk to EmmausLk.24.13-35|Lk.24.13-35| →Mk.16.12-13
The Appearance to the Disciples Lk.24.36-49|Lk.24.36-49| →Mt.28.16-20 Mk.16.14-18 Jn.20.19-23 Ac.1.6-8
The Ascension of JesusLk.24.50-53|Lk.24.50-53| →Ac.1.6-11 Mk.16.19-20
The Word Became Flesh Jn.1.1-18
The Testimony of John the BaptistJn.1.19-28|Jn.1.19-28| →Mt.3.1-12 Mk.1.1-8 Lk.3.1-9
- I am the voice of one crying in the wildernessJn.1.23|Jn.1.23| →Is.40.3
The Lamb of GodJn.1.29-34
The First DisciplesJn.1.35-42
The Calling of Philip and NathanaelJn.1.43-51
- you will see heaven openedJn.1.51|Jn.1.51| →Dn.7.13
The Wedding at CanaJn.2.1-12
The Cleansing of the TempleJn.2.13-22|Jn.2.13-22| →Mt.21.12-13 Mk.11.15-17 Lk.19.45-46
- Zeal for thy house will consume meJn.2.17|Jn.2.17| →Ps.69.9
Jesus Knows All MenJn.2.23-25
Jesus and NicodemusJn.3.1-21
Jesus and John the BaptistJn.3.22-30
He Who Comes from HeavenJn.3.31-36
Jesus and the Woman of SamariaJn.4.1-42
The Healing of the Official's SonJn.4.43-54|Jn.4.43-54| →Mt.8.5-13 Lk.7.1-10
The Healing at the Pool Jn.5.1-18
The Authority of the SonJn.5.19-29
Witnesses to JesusJn.5.31-47
The Feeding of the Five ThousandJn.6.1-14|Jn.6.1-14| →Mt.14.13-21 Mk.6.30-44 Lk.9.10-17
Walking on the WaterJn.6.16-21|Jn.6.16-21| →Mt.14.22-27 Mk.6.45-52
Jesus the Bread of LifeJn.6.22-59
- Our fathers ate the manna in the wilderness - as it is written, 'He gave them bread from heavenJn.6.31|Jn.6.31| →Ex.16.13-14 Ps.78.24
- And they shall all be taught by God Everyone who has heard and learned from the Father comes toJn.6.45|Jn.6.45| →Is.54.13 Jr.31.33
The Words of Eternal LifeJn.6.60-71
The Unbelief of Jesus' BrothersJn.7.1-9
Jesus at the Feast of TabernaclesJn.7.10-24
Is This the Christ?Jn.7.25-31
Officers Sent to Arrest JesusJn.7.32-36
Rivers of Living Water Jn.7.35-39
Division among the PeopleJn.7.40-44
The Unbelief of Those in AuthorityJn.7.45-52
The Woman Caught in Adultery Jn.7.53-8.11
Jesus the Light of the WorldJn.8.12-20
Where I am Going You Cannot ComeJn.8.21-30
The Truth Will Make You FreeJn.8.31-38
Your Father the Devil Jn.8.39-47
Before Abraham was, I amJn.8.48-59
The Healing of a Man Born BlindJn.9.1-12
The Pharisees Investigate the HealingJn.9.13-34
Spiritual Blindness Jn.9.35-41
The Parable of the SheepfoldJn.10.1-6
Jesus the Good ShepherdJn.10.7-21
Jesus Rejected by the JewsJn.10.22-42
- I said, you are gods?Jn.10.34|Jn.10.34| →Ps.82.6
The Death of LazarusJn.11.1-16
Jesus the Resurrection and the LifeJn.11.17-27
Jesus WeepsJn.11.28-37
Lazarus Brought to LifeJn.11.38-44
The Plot to Kill JesusJn.11.45-53|Jn.11.45-53| →Mt.26.1-5 Mk.14.1-2 Lk.22.1-2
The Anointing at BethanyJn.12.1-8|Jn.12.1-8| →Mt.26.6-13 Mk.14.3-9
The Plot against LazarusJn.12.9-11
The Triumphal Entry into JerusalemJn.12.12-19|Jn.12.12-19| →Mt.21.1-11 Mk.11.1-11 Lk.19.28-38
- Hosanna! Blessed is he who comesJn.12.13|Jn.12.13| →Ps.118.25-26 Zch.9.9
Some Greeks Seek JesusJn.12.20-26
The Son of Man Must be Lifted Up Jn.12.27-36
The Unbelief of the JewsJn.12.37-43
- Lord, who has believed our reportJn.12.38|Jn.12.38| →Is.53.1
- see with their eyes and perceive with their heartJn.12.40|Jn.12.40| →Is.6.9-10
Judgment by Jesus' WordJn.12.44-50
Washing the Disciples' FeetJn.13.1-20
- 'He who ate my bread has lifted his heel against me Jn.13.18|Jn.13.18| →Ps.41.9
Jesus Foretells His BetrayalJn.13.21-30|Jn.13.21-30| →Mt.26.20-25 Mk.14.17021 Lk.22.21-23
The New CommandmentJn.13.31-35
Peter's Denial ForetoldJn.13.36-38|Jn.13.36-38| →Mt.26.31-35 Mk.14.27-31 Lk.22.31-34
Jesus the Way to the FatherJn.14.1-14
The Promise of the SpiritJn.14.15-31
Jesus the True VineJn.15.1-17
The World's Hatred Jn.15.18-16.4
- They hated me without a cause Jn.15.25|Jn.15.25| →Ps.35.19 Ps.69.4
The Work of the SpiritJn.16.4-15
Sorrow Will Turn into JoyJn.16.16-24
I Have Overcome the WorldJn.16.25-33
The Prayer of JesusJn.17.1-26
The Betrayal and Arrest of JesusJn.18.1-11|Jn.18.1-11| →Mt.26.47-56 Mk.14.43-50 Lk.22.47-53
Jesus before the CouncilJn.18.12-14|Jn.18.12-14| →Mt.26.57-68 Mk.14.53-65 Lk.22.54-55 Jn.18.19-24
Peter's Denial of Jesus Jn.18.15-18|Jn.18.15-18| →Mt.26.69-75 Mk.14.66-72 Lk.22.56-62 Jn.18.25-27
The High Priest Questions JesusJn.18.19-24|Jn.18.19-24| →Mt.26.59-66 Mk.14.55-64 Lk.22.66-71
Peter Denies Jesus AgainJn.18.25-27|Jn.18.25-27| →Mt.26.71-75 Mk.14.69-72 Lk.22.58-62
Jesus before PilateJn.18.28-38|Jn.18.28-38| →Mt.27.1-2, 11-14 Mk.15.1-5 Lk.23.1-5
Jesus Sentenced to Die Jn.19.1-16|Jn.19.1-16| →Mt.27.15-26 Mk.15.6-15 Lk.23.13-25
The Crucifixion of JesusJn.19.17-27|Jn.19.17-27| →Mt.27.32-44 Mk.15.21-32 Lk.23.26-43
The Death of JesusJn.19.28-30|Jn.19.28-30| →Mt.27.45-56 Mk.15.33-41 Lk.23.44-49
The Piercing of Jesus' SideJn.19.31-37
- Not a bone of him shall be broken Jn.19.36|Jn.19.36| →Ps.34.20 Ex.12.46 Nu.9.12
- They shall look on him whom they have pierced Jn.19.37|Jn.19.37| →Zch.12.10
The Burial of JesusJn.19.38-42|Jn.19.38-42| →Mt.27.57-61 Mk.15.42-47 Lk.23.50-56
The Resurrection of JesusJn.20.1-10|Jn.20.1-10| →Mk.28.1-10 Mk.16.1-8 Lk.24.1-12
The Appearance of Jesus to Mary MagdaleneJn.22.11-18|Jn.22.11-18| →Mk.16.9-11
The Appearance of Jesus to the DisciplesJn.20.19-23|Jn.20.19-23| →Mt.28.16-20 Mk.16.14-18 Lk.24.36-49 Ac.1.6-8
Jesus and ThomasJn.20.24-29
The Purpose of the BookJn.20.30-31
The Appearance of Jesus to the Seven DisciplesJn.21.1-14
Jesus and PeterJn.21.15-19
Jesus and the Beloved DiscipleJn.21.20-25

Notes: This list is based loosely upon the layout of the Eusebian tables.
The passage references are as printed in the United Bible Societies 'New Testament in Greek', 1966.
The parallel passages have been arranged so that the passage references can be displayed in accordance with the general layout of the Eusebian tables.
© Paul Ingram 2006.