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Nehemiah by Passage


NEHEMIAH. Nehemiah's concern for Jerusalem.Ne.1.1-11
Nehemiah goes to Jerusalem.Ne.2.1-20
Rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem.Ne.3.1-16
Levites who worked on the wall.Ne.3.17-21
Priests who worked on the wall.Ne.3.22-26
Other builders.Ne.3.27-32
Nehemiah overcomes oppostion to the work.Ne.4.1-23
Oppression of the poor.Ne.5.1-13
Nehemiah's unselfishness.Ne.5.14-19
Plots against Nehemiah.Ne.6.1-14
Conclusion of the work.Ne.6.15-7.3
Census - Those who returned from exile.Ne.7.5-73Ez.2.1-70
Ezra reads the Law to the people.Ne.8.1-12
Feast of Booths.Ne.8.13-18
The people confess their sins.Ne.9.1-5
The prayer of confession.Ne.9.6-37
The covenant.Ne.9.38-10.39
NEHEMIAH. Nehemiah's concern for Jerusalem.Ne.11.1-36
Census - those who returned with Zerubabel, Shealtiel & Jeshua.Ne.12.1-21
The Priestly & levite families.Ne.12.22-23
Temple duty roster.Ne.12.24-26
Nehemiah dedicates the wall.Ne.12.27-43
Provision for temple worship.Ne.12.44-47
Separation from foreigners.Ne.13.1-3
Nehemiah's reforms.Ne.13.4-31