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Exodus by Passage


EXODUS. EGYPT: The oppression. (Pithom)Ex.1.1-22
MOSES: Birth.Ex.2.1-10
Moses escapes to Midian.Ex.2.11-25
God calls Moses.Ex.3.1-22
God commissions Moses and Aaron.Ex.4.1-17
Moses returns to Egypt.Ex.4.18-31
Moses and Aaron before the Pharaoh.Ex.5.1-21
Moses complains to God.Ex.5.22-6.1
God calls Moses.Ex.6.2-13
Descent of Moses and Aaron.Ex.6.14-27
Moses and Aaron: God's command.Ex.6.28-7.7
Aaron's rod.Ex.7.8-13
The plagues - blood.Ex.7.14-25
The plagues - frogs.Ex.8.1-15
The plagues - gnats.Ex.8.16-19
The plagues - flies.Ex.8.20-32
The plagues - death of the animals.Ex.9.1-7
The plagues - boils.Ex.9.8-12
The plagues - hail.Ex.9.13-35
The plagues - locusts.Ex.10.1-20
The plagues - darkness.Ex.10.21-29
Moses announces the death of the firstborn.Ex.11.1-10
The first Passover.Ex.12.21-28
The death of the firstborn.Ex.12.28-36
THE EXODUS.Ex.12.37-42
How the Passover should be celebrated.Ex.12.43-51
Dedication of the firstborn.Ex.13.1-2
The feast of Unleavened Bread.Ex.13.3-10
The firstborn offering.Ex.13.11-22
The Pillar of Cloud & the Pillar of Fire.
Crossing the Red Sea.Ex.14.1-31
The song of Moses.Ex.15.1-18
The song of Miriam.Ex.15.19-21
Marah (bitter water) to Elim.Ex.15.22-27
Elim to the desert of Sin - Manna and quails.Ex.16.1-36
Sin to Massah-Meridah - water from the rock.Ex.17.1-7
Rephidim - victory over the Amalekites.Ex.17.8-16
Jethro, priest of Midian.Ex.18.1-12
Appointment of Judges.Ex.18.13-27Dt.1.9-18
The Decalogue.Ex.20.1-17
The people's fear.Ex.20.18-21Dt.5.22-33
Laws about Altars.Ex.20.22-26
Treatment of Slaves.Ex.21.1-11
Laws about violence.Ex.21.12-27
Incidents involving domestic animals.Ex.21.28-36
Moral and religious laws.Ex.22.16-31
Justice and fairness.Ex.23.1-9
Sabbath days and years.Ex.23.10-13
The three great festivals.Ex.23.14-19
The promised land.Ex.23.20-33
The covenant is sealed.Ex.24.1-11
Moses on mount Sinai.Ex.24.12-18
The Ark.Ex.25.12-22Ex.37.1-9
The table for the show-bread.Ex.25.23-30Ex.37.10-16
The lamp-stand.Ex.25.31-40Ex.37.17-24
The tent of the Presence.Ex.26.1-37Ex.36.8-38
The Altar.Ex.27.1-8Ex.38.1-7
The Enclosure of the tent of the Presence.Ex.27.9-19Ex.38.9-20
Care of the Lamp.Ex.27.20-21Lv.24.1-4
Priestly garments.Ex.28.1-14Ex.39.1-7
The High-priest's breastplate.Ex.28.15-30Ex.39.8-21
Other priestly garments.Ex.28.31-43Ex.39.22-31
Aaronic priesthood - ordination.Ex.29.1-37Lv.8.1-36
The daily offering.Ex.29.38-46Nu.28.1-8
The Altar of Incense.Ex.30.1-10Ex.37.25-28
The tabernacle tax.Ex.30.11-16
The oblution basin.Ex.30.17-21
The chrism oil.Ex.30.22-33
The tabernacle craftsmen.Ex.31.1-11Ex.35.30-36.1
The Sabbath ordinance.Ex.31.12-18
The golden bull-calf.Ex.32.1-35Dt.9.6-29
The prohibition of the wearing of jewellery.Ex.33.1-6
The tent of the Presence.Ex.33.7-23
The second set of tablets of the Law.Ex.34.1-9Dt.10.1-5
The renewal of the Covenant.Ex.34.10-28Ex.23.14-19 | Dt.7.1-5 | Dt.16.1-17
Moses comes down from Mount Sinai.Ex.34.29-35
Sabbath observance.Ex.35.1-3
The tabernacle checklist.Ex.35.10-19Ex.39.32-43
The people bring their offerings.Ex.35.20-29
The Tabernacle craftsmen.Ex.35.30-36.1Ex.31.1-11
Too many gifts.Ex.36.2-7
The making of the Tabernacle.Ex.36.8-38Ex.26.1-37
Making the Ark of the Covenant.Ex.37.1-9Ex.25.10-22
Making the table for the showbread.Ex.37.10-16Ex.25.23-30
Making the lampstand.Ex.37.17-24Ex.25.31-40
Making the Altar of Incense.Ex.37.25-28Ex.30.1-5
The Incense and the chrism.Ex.37.29Ex.30.22-38
Making the alter of burnt offerings.Ex.38.1-7Ex.27.1-8
Making the ablution basin.Ex.38.8Ex.30.18
The Tabernacle enclosure.Ex.38.9-20Ex.27.9-19
The list of metals used.Ex.38.21-31
Making the priestly garments.Ex.39.1-7Ex.28.1-14
Making the breastplate.Ex.39.8-21Ex.28.15-30
Making the other priestly garments.Ex.39.22-31Ex.28.31-43
The completion of the work.Ex.39.32-43Ex.35.10-19
Dedication of the Tabernacle.Ex.40.1-33
The Shekinah.Ex.40.34-38Nu.9.15-23