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Deuteronomy by Passage


DEUTERONOMY. IntroductionDt.1.1-8
Appointment of Judges.Dt.1.9-18Ex.18.13-27
KADESH BARNEA: report of the spies.Dt.1.19-33Nu.13.1-33
Israel punished.Dt.1.34-45Nu.14.20-45
The years in the wilderness.Dt.1.46-2.25
Victory over the Amorites: Sihon.Dt.2.26-37Nu.21.21-30
Victory over the Amorites: Og.Dt.3.1-11Nu.21.31-35
Settlement: east of the Jordan.Dt.3.12-29Nu.32.1-42
Moses' command to obedience.Dt.4.1-14
Warning against idolatry.Dt.4.15-40
The Cities of refuge.Dt.4.41-43
The Ten Commandments.Dt.5.1-22Ex.20.1-17
The people's fear.Dt.5.23-33Ex.20.18-21
The Great Commandment.Dt.6.1-9
Evils of idolatry.Dt.7.1-11Ex.34.11-16
Blessings of obedience.Dt.7.12-26Dt.28.1-14
The promised land.Dt.8.1-10
The disobedience of the people.Dt.9.1-29
The two tablets of stone.Dt.10.1-11Ex.34.1-10
What God demands.Dt.10.12-22
Love God.Dt.11.1-7
Obey the Laws.Dt.11.8-32
The one place to worship.Dt.12.1-32
Clean and unclean.Dt.14.3-21Lv.11.1-47
The Tythe.Dt.14.22-29
The year of release.Dt.15.1-11Lv.25.1-7
The offering of the firstborn.Dt.15.19-23
The Harvest festival.Dt.16.9-12Ex.34.22 | Lv.23.15-21
Feast of Booths.Dt.16.13-17Lv.23.33-43
Choice of a King.Dt.17.14-20
The priests' and Levites' portion.Dt.18.1-8
Pagan abominations forbidden.Dt.18.9-13
Prophets: a promise and a warning.Dt.18.15-22
Cities of refuge.Dt.19.1-13Nu.35.9-28 | Jos.20.1-9.
Boundary marks.Dt.19.14
Military service.Dt.20.1-20
The offering for unsolved murder.Dt.21.1-9
Captive women.Dt.21.10-14
The firstborn inheritance.Dt.21.15-17
The rebellious son.Dt.21.18-21
Incidental laws.Dt.21.22-22.12
Sexual relationships.Dt.22.13-30
Exclusions from the Lord's people.Dt.23.1-8
Camp sanitation.Dt.23.9-14
Incidental laws.Dt.23.15-25
Divorce and remarriage.Dt.24.1-4
Additional incidental laws.Dt.24.5-25.4
Duty to a dead brother.Dt.25.5-10
Other incidental laws.Dt.25.11-14
The fate of the Amalekites.Dt.25.17-19
Harvest offerings.Dt.26.1-15
Commandment to obey the Law.Dt.26.16-19
An altar at Mount Ebal.Dt.27.1-10
The twelve curses.Dt.27.11-26
Blessings of obedience.Dt.28.1-14Lv.26.3-13 | Dt.7.12-24.
Curses of disobedence.Dt.28.15-68Lv.26.14-46
The covenant in the land of Moab.Dt.29.1-29
Conditions for restoration and blessing.Dt.30.1-20
Appointment of Joshua.Dt.31.1-8
Reading of the Law.Dt.31.9-13
Last instruction to Moses.Dt.31.14-29
The Song of Moses.Dt.31.30-32.44
Moses' final instructions.Dt.32.45-52
Moses blesses the people of Israel.Dt.33.1-29
Death of Moses.Dt.34.1-12