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10But after his brothers had gone up to the feast, then he also went up, not publicly but in private.Jesus at the Feast of Tabernacles Jn.7.10-24 (Jerusalem)
11The Jews were looking for him at the feast, and saying, "Where is he?" 
12And there was much muttering about him among the people. While some said, "He is a good man," others said, "No, he is leading the people astray." 
13Yet for fear of the Jews no one spoke openly of him. 
14About the middle of the feast Jesus went up into the temple and taught. 
15The Jews marveled at it, saying, "How is it that this man has learning Or: this man knows his letters, when he has never studied?" 
16So Jesus answered them, "My teaching is not mine, but his who sent me; 
17if any man's will is to do his will, he shall know whether the teaching is from God or whether I am speaking on my own authority. 
18He who speaks on his own authority seeks his own glory; but he who seeks the glory of him who sent him is true, and in him there is no falsehood. 
19Did not Moses give you the law? Yet none of you keeps the law. Why do you seek to kill me?" 
20The people answered, "You have a demon! Who is seeking to kill you?" 
21Jesus answered them, "I did one deed, and you all marvel at it. 
22Moses gave you circumcision (not that it is from Moses, but from the fathers), and you circumcise a man upon the sabbath. 
23If on the sabbath a man receives circumcision, so that the law of Moses may not be broken, are you angry with me because on the sabbath I made a man's whole body well? 
24Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment." 

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