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Mordecai remembers his dream.  Est.10.1-10

4And Mordecai said, "These things have come from God. 5For I remember the dream that I had concerning these matters, and none of them has failed to be fulfilled. 6The tiny spring which became a river, and there was light and the sun and abundant water - the river is Esther, whom the king married and made queen. 7The two dragons are Haman and myself. 8The nations are those that gathered to destroy the name of the Jews. 9And my nation, this is Israel, who cried out to God and were saved. The Lord has saved his people; the Lord has delivered us from all these evils; God has done great signs and wonders, which have not occurred among the nations. 10For this purpose he made two lots, one for the people of God and one for all the nations. 11And these two lots came to the hour and moment and day of decision before God and among all the nations. 12And God remembered his people and vindicated his inheritance. 13So they will observe these days in the month of Adar, on the fourteenth and fifteenth of that month, with an assembly and joy and gladness before God, from generation to generation for ever among his people Israel."
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