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Isaiah: 15

God will destroy Moab.  Is.15.1-9

1An oracle concerning Moab.

Because Ar is laid waste in a night Moab is undone;
because Kir is laid waste in a night Moab is undone.
2The daughter of Dibon Correction - Heb: the house and Dibon has gone up
to the high places to weep;
over Nebo and over Med'eba Moab wails.
On every head is baldness,
every beard is shorn;
3in the streets they gird on sackcloth;
on the housetops and in the squares
every one wails and melts in tears.
4Heshbon and Ele-a'leh cry out,
their voice is heard as far as Jahaz;
therefore the armed men of Moab cry aloud;
his soul trembles.
5My heart cries out for Moab;
his fugitives flee to Zo'ar,
to Eg'lath-shelish'iyah.
For at the ascent of Luhith
they go up weeping;
on the road to Horona'im
they raise a cry of destruction;
6the waters of Nimrim are a desolation;
the grass is withered,
the new growth fails,
the verdure is no more.
7Therefore the abundance they have gained
and what they have laid up
they carry away
over the Brook of the Willows.
8For a cry has gone round the land of Moab;
the wailing reaches to Egla'im,
the wailing reaches to Beer-e'lim.
9For the waters of Dibon One ancient Ms Vg Compare Syr: Heb: Dimon are full of blood;
yet I will bring upon Dibon even more,
a lion for those of Moab who escape,
for the remnant of the land.

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