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Old Testament - BIBLE & SPADE by S L Caiger BD (1936)
Ancient Traditions  I. Writing-language | II. Genesis
II  Hebrews: pre-history  III. Abraham | IV. Canaan-Patriarchal age | V. Egypt | | VI. Exodus  | VII. Law of Moses  | VIII. Canaan-Conquest  | IX Settlement
III  The Monarchy & after X. Early Monarchy | XI. House of Omri  | XII. Assyrian Advance  | XIII. Sennacherib's Invasion  | XIV. Monarchy-last days  | XV. Exile 


Chronology - History

REGION PERIOD/EMPIRE: MAPS (large bitmap files - slow... )
Egypt: Pharaonic Egypt, Sinai, Syria
Ptolemaic Ptolemaic Egypt

Mesopotamia: Assyria Assyrian Empire
Neo-Babylonian 6th cent Empires
Persia Persian & Greek Empires

Syria: Seleucid Seleucid Empire
Roman Roman Empire

Israel/Judah: Pre-Monarchy The Promised Land
Monarchy | Notes on Regnal period Early Monarchy | Divided Kingdom | Syrian invasions | Jeroboam II
Hasmonaean Maccabaean Era
Roman Roman Empire c. 117CE

Jerusalem:   1000BCE | 400BCE | 30CE