The Lands of the Old Testament.

The Middle East: Shuttle image facing east.  
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West - SE Mediterranean, Egypt & the Nile Delta. In this picture, the river is barely distinguishable from the area of cultivation on each bank as the river meanders  south. Below the Delta, the Fayum can be seen to the west of the Nile, & Aswan, to the right edge of the picture. The distance from the Delta to Aswan is more than 1,000km.  

Centre - The Sinai Peninsula points down towards the Red Sea, through which runs the tectonic fault-line that divides the continents of Africa & Asia. 
To the WEST of the peninsular - the Gulf of Sinai & the canal. 
This picture clearly shows the line of the Great Rift line running up the Gulf of Aqaba, up the Aqaba valley, through the Dead Sea, then up the Jordan valley.

East - The Levant & the Arabian Peninsular, includes (north to south), Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia.

STS101-717-004 (19-29 May 2000) - The STS-101 crew members recorded this image of the East Mediterranean coast while Atlantis was docked with the International Space Station (see solar panel on the Russian-built functional cargo block (FGB) or Zarya). Featured in the 70mm frame are the Nile River delta, Red Sea and the Sinai Peninsula. The Gulf of Aqaba and Dead Sea are in the distant background. (NASA)
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