Gospel Passages: Eusebian e-Canon Table
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Book of Kells: A page of the Eusebian Canons (upper section).

Passage || Synoptic 1 2 3 4 5
The Preaching of John the BaptistRSVMt.3.1-12 Mk.1.1-8 Lk.3.1-9 Jn.1.19-28
The Feeding of the Five ThousandRSVMt.14.13-21 Mk.6.30-44 Lk.9.10-17 Jn.6.1-14
The Triumphal Entry into JerusalemRSVMt.21.1-11 Mk.11.1-11 Lk.19.28-38 Jn.12.12-19
The Plot to Kill JesusRSVMt.26.1-5 Mk.14.1-2 Lk.22.1-2 Jn.11.45-53
The Passover with the DisciplesRSVMt.26.17-25 Mk.14.12-21 Lk.22.7-14 Lk.22.21-23 Jn.13.21-30
Peter's Denial ForetoldRSVMt.26.31-35 Mk.14.27-31 Lk.22.31-34 Jn.13.36-38
The Betrayal and Arrest of JesusRSVMt.26.47-56 Mk.14.43-50 Lk.22.47-53 Jn.18.3-12
Jesus before the CouncilRSVMt.26.57-68 Mk.14.53-65 Lk.22.54-55 Jn.18.13-14 Jn.18.19-24
Peter's Denial of JesusRSVMt.26.69-75 Mk.14.66-72 Lk.22.56-62 Jn.18.15-18 Jn.18.25-27
Jesus Brought before PilateRSVMt.27.1-2 Mk.15.1 Lk.23.1-2 Jn.18.28-32
Jesus Questioned by PilateRSVMt.27.11-14 Mk.15.2-5 Lk.23.3-5 Jn.18.33-38
Jesus Sentenced to DieRSVMt.27.15-26 Mk.15.6-15 Lk.23.13-25 Jn.18.39-19.16
The Crucifixion of JesusRSVMt.27.32-44 Mk.15.21-32 Lk.23.26-43 Jn.19.17-27
The Death of JesusRSVMt.27.45-56 Mk.15.33-41 Lk.23.44-49 Jn.19.28-30
The Burial of JesusRSVMt.27.57-61 Mk.15.42-47 Lk.23.50-56 Jn.19.38-42
The Resurrection of JesusRSVMk.28.1-10 Mk.16.1-8 Lk.24.1-12 Jn.20.1-10
The Commissioning of the DisciplesRSVMt.28.16-20 Mk.16.14-18 Lk.24.36-49 Jn.20.19-23 Ac.1.6-8

Notes: This list is based loosely upon the layout of the Eusebian tables.
The passage references are as printed in the United Bible Societies 'New Testament in Greek', 1966.
The parallel passages have been arranged so that the passage references can be displayed in accordance with the general layout of the Eusebian tables.
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