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PSALMS - BOOK 1. (Ps.1-41.) Blessed is the the Man.Psalm 1
God's Chosen King.Psalm 2
Morning Prayer.Psalm 3
Evening Prayer.Psalm 4
Morning Prayer.Psalm 5
Penitential Psalm - Rebuke me not, O Lord.Psalm 6
A Prayer for Justice.Psalm 7
God's Glory & Man's dignity.Psalm 8
Thanksgiving.Psalm 9(v9a)
Prayer for Justice.Psalm 10(v9b)
Confidence in the Lord.Psalm 11(v10)
Help Me O Lord!.Psalm 12(v11)
How long O Lord?.Psalm 13
The Fool says in his Heart There is No God.Psalm 14(v13)
What God Requires.Psalm 15(v14)
A Prayer of Confidence.Psalm 16(v15)
Prayer of an Innocent Man.Psalm 17(v16)
Song of Triumph for the King.Psalm 18(v17)
The Lord, the Sun of Righteousness.Psalm 19(v18)
Prayer for the King.Psalm 20(v19)
Thanksgiving for the King.Psalm 21(v20)
Sufferings & Hope for the Virtuous Man.Psalm 22(v21)
The Lord our Shepherd.Psalm 23(v22)
Antiphonal Psalm for solemn Entry into the Sanctuary.Psalm 24(v23)
A Prayer for Guidance & Protection.Psalm 25(v24)
Prayer of the Blameless.Psalm 26(v25)
Psalm of Praise.Psalm 27(v26)
Petition & Thankgiving.Psalm 28(v27)
Voice of the Lord in the Storm.Psalm 29(v28)
Thanksgiving.Psalm 30(v29)
Prayer on Time of Ordeal.Psalm 31(v30)
Penitential Psalm - Blessed is he whose unrighteousness is forgiven.Psalm 32(v31)
Rejoice in the Lord O ye righteous.Psalm 33(v32)
In Praise of God's Justice.Psalm 34(v33)
Help Me O Lord!.Psalm 35(v34)
Wickedness of the Sinner & God's Goodness.Psalm 36(v35)
Fate of the Wicked & of the Good.Psalm 37(v36)
Prayer in Distress.Psalm 38(v37)
In Time of Trouble.Psalm 39(v38)
Song of Praise.Psalm 40(v39)
Psalm of the Compassionate.Psalm 41(v40)
BOOK 2. (Ps.42-72) Lament of an Exile.Psalm 42(v41)
Lament of an Exile.Psalm 43(v42)
National Lament.Psalm 44(v43)
Royal Wedding Song.Psalm 45(v44)
God our Refuge & Strength.Psalm 46(v45)
Ruler of All.Psalm 47(v46)
Song of Zion.Psalm 48(v47)
Futility of Riches.Psalm 49(v48)
Worship in Spirit & in Truth.Psalm 50(v49)
Penitential Psalm. Miserere.Psalm 51(v50)
God's Judgement & Grace.Psalm 52(v51)
Wickedness of Men.Psalm 53(v52)
Song for the Distressed.Psalm 54(v53)
Lament in Persecution.Psalm 55(v54)
Prayer for Deliverance.Psalm 56(v55)
Be Merciful to Me O Lord.Psalm 57(v56)
Judge of Earthly Judges.Psalm 58(v57)
Prayer for Safety.Psalm 59(v58)
National Lament.Psalm 60(v59)
Prayer for Protection.Psalm 61(v60)
Hope in God Alone.Psalm 62(v61)
Longing for God.Psalm 63(v62)
Prayer for Protection.Psalm 64(v63)
Thanksgiving.Psalm 65
Corporate Act of Thanksgiving.Psalm 66(v65)
Harvest Thanksgiving.Psalm 67(v66)
National Song of Triumph.Psalm 68(v67)
Save Me O Lord.Psalm 69(v68)
O Lord Make Haste to Help Me.Psalm 70(v69)
A Old Man's Prayer.Psalm 71(v70)
Prayer for the King.Psalm 72(v71)
BOOK 3. (Ps.73-89) Triumph of Justice.Psalm 73
National Lament over a Devastated Land.Psalm 74(v73)
God the Judge.Psalm 75(v74)
Victorious Power of God.Psalm 76(v75)
Meditation on God's Mighty Deeds.Psalm 77(v76)
God & His People.Psalm 78(v77)
National Lament over the destruction of Jerusalem.Psalm 79(v78)
Prayer for National Deliverance.Psalm 80(v79)
Psalm for the Feast of Tabernacles.Psalm 81(v80)
Against corrupt Judges.Psalm 82(v81)
Prayer for the defeat of Israel's Enemies.Psalm 83(v82)
Pilgrimage Psalm.Psalm 84(v83)
Prayer for the Nation's Welfare.Psalm 85(v84)
Incline Thine Ear O Lord.Psalm 86(v85)
In Praise of Zion.Psalm 87(v86)
Help Me O Lord!.Psalm 88(v87)
Hymn in Time of National Trouble.Psalm 89(v88)
BOOK 4. (Ps.90-106) Of God & Man.Psalm 90(v89)
God our Protector.Psalm 91(v90)
We Praise Thee O God!.Psalm 92(v91)
Majesty of the Lord.Psalm 93(v92)
God the Judge of All.Psalm 94(v93)
We Praise Thee O God!.Psalm 95(v94)
The Lord, King & Judge.Psalm 96(v95)
The Lord is King!.Psalm 97(v96)
We Praise Thee O God!.Psalm 98(v97)
The Lord is King!.Psalm 99(v98)
Let us Praise the Lord!.Psalm 100(v99)
Profession of Integrity.Psalm 101(v100)
Penitential Psalm - Help Me O Lord!.Psalm 102(v101)
God is Love.Psalm 103(v102)
In Praise of God the Maker of All.Psalm 104(v103)
God & His People.Psalm 105(v104)
The Lord's Goodness to His People.Psalm 106(v105)
BOOK 5. (Ps.107-150) O Give Thanks to the Lord for He is Good.Psalm 107(v106)
Morning Hymn & National Prayer.Psalm 108(v107)
A Psalm of Anathema.Psalm 109(v108)
The Lord & His Chosen King.Psalm 110(v109)
Praise the Lord!.Psalm 111(v110)
Blessed is the Man who fears the Lord.Psalm 112(v111)
Praise the Lord!.Psalm 113(v112)
A Passover Song.Psalm 114(v113)
Lord, Yours alone is the Glory.Ps.115
Thanksgiving.Psalm 116(v115)
Praise the Lord All Nations.Psalm 117(v116)
Processional Hymn for the Feast of Tabernacles.Psalm 118(v117)
א ALEF. My Help Cometh even from the Lord.Psalm 119(v118)
ב BET. Obedience.Psalm 119(v118)
ג GIMEL. Happiness.Psalm 119(v118)
ד DALET. Obedience.Psalm 119(v118)
ה HE. Understanding.Psalm 119(v118)
ו VAV. Trust.Psalm 119(v118)
ז ZAYIN. Confidence.Psalm 119(v118)
ח HET. Devotion.Psalm 119(v118)
ט TET. Value.Psalm 119(v118)
י YOD. Justice.Psalm 119(v118)
כ KAF. Deliverance.Psalm 119(v118)
ל LAMED. Faith.Psalm 119(v118)
מ MEM. Love.Psalm 119(v118)
נ NUN. Light.Psalm 119(v118)
ס SAMEKH. Safety.Psalm 119(v118)
ע AYIN. Obedience.Psalm 119(v118)
פ PE. Desire.Psalm 119(v118)
צ TSADI. Justice.Psalm 119(v118)
ק QOF. Deliverance.Psalm 119(v118)
ר RESH. Help.Psalm 119(v118)
ש SHIN. Dedication.Psalm 119(v118)
ת TAV. Help.Psalm 119(v118)
I Called to the Lord.Psalm 120(v119)
My Help Cometh even from the Lord.Psalm 121(v120)
In Praise of Jerusalem.Psalm 122(v121)
Be Merciful to us O Lord.Psalm 123(v122)
The Lord is on Our Side.Psalm 124(v123)
The Lord the Protector of His People.Psalm 125(v124)
Song of the Returning Exiles.Psalm 126(v125)
In Praise of God's Goodness.Psalm 127(v126)
Blessed are they that fear the Lord.Psalm 128(v127)
Prayer against Israel's Enemies.Psalm 129(v128)
Penitential Psalm - From the Depths I Call to Thee O Lord.Psalm 130(v129)
Trust in God.Psalm 131(v130)
Anniversary Hymn. The Ark of the Lord.Psalm 132(v131)
Brotherly Love.Psalm 133(v132)
Come Praise the Lord all His Servants.Psalm 134(v133)
Praise the Lord!.Psalm 135(v134)
Litany of Thanksgiving.Psalm 136(v135)
By the Rivers of Babylon.Psalm 137(v136)
I thank You O Lord.Psalm 138(v137)
God all-knowing & ever-present.Psalm 139(v138)
Save me O Lord from Evil Men.Psalm 140(v139)
An Evening Prayer.Psalm 141(v140)
I Call to the Lord for Help.Psalm 142(v141)
A Prayer for Help.Psalm 143(v142)
War Hymn & the Fruits of Victory,.Psalm 144(v143)
I Will Extol thee O Lord My King.Psalm 145(v144)
Praise the Lord O my Soul.Psalm 146(v145)
Praise to the Lord the Almighty.Psalm 147a(v146)
Praise to the Lord the Almighty.Psalm 147b(v147)
Let All Creation Praise the Lord.Psalm 148
Sing to the Lord a New Song.Psalm 149
Praise God in His Sanctuary.Psalm 150
Psalm 151. This Psalm follows Psalm 150 in Greek Bibles.Ps.151