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Daniel by Passage


DANIEL. DANIEL & HIS FRIENDS. (1.1-6.28) At Nebuchadnezzar's court. 165bce (Judaea)Dn.1.1-21
Nebuchadnezzar's dream.Dn.2.1-13
What the dream means.Dn.2.17-23
Daniel tells the king the dream & explains it.Dn.2.24-45
The king rewards Daniel.Dn.2.46-49
Nebuchadnezzar commands worship of a gold statue.Dn.3.1-7
Daniel's 3 friends accused.Dn.3.8-18
Daniel's 3 friends sentenced.Dn.3.19-25
3 Friends released & promoted.Dn.3.26-30
Nebuchadnezzar's second dream.Dn.4.1-18
Daniel explains the dream.Dn.4.19-33
Nebuchadnezzar praises God.Dn.4.34-37
Belshazzar's banquet.Dn.5.1-12
Daniel explains the writing.Dn.5.13-31
Daniel in the lion pit.Dn.6.1-28
DANIEL DESCRIBES HIS VISIONS. (7.1-12.13) The four beasts.Dn.7.1-8
The vision of the Ancient of days.Dn.7.9-14
The visions explained.Dn.7.15-28
The vision of the ram & the goat.Dn.8.1-14
The vision explained.Dn.8.15-27
Daniel prays for his people.Dn.9.1-19
The prophecy explained.Dn.9.20-27
The vision by the river Tigris.Dn.10.1-11.1
The kingdoms of Egypt & Syria.Dn.11.2-20
The evil king of Syria.Dn.11.20-45
The time of the end.Dn.12.1-13