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Luke by Passage



Dedication to TheophilusLk.1.1-4
The Birth of John the Baptist Foretold c.8-7bce (Temple, Jerusalem)Lk.1.5-25
The Birth of Jesus Foretold (Nazareth)Lk.1.26-38
Mary Visits Elizabeth (Hebron or Juttah)Lk.1.39-45
Mary's Song of Praise Lk.1.46-55Odes.11.46-55 | 1 Sm.2.1-10
The Birth of John the BaptistLk.1.57-66
The Prophesy of Zechariah (Hebron)Lk.1.67-80
The Birth of Jesus c.7-6bceLk.2.1-7Mt.1.18-25 ← Lk.2.1-7
The Shepherds and the Angels (Bethlehem)Lk.2.8-21
The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple (Jerusalem)Lk.2.22-38
Song of SimeonLk.2.29-32Odes.12.29-32
The Return to Nazareth (Nazareth)Lk.2.39-40
The Boy Jesus in the Temple (Jerusalem)Lk.2.41-52
The Preaching of John the Baptist c.29ceLk.3.1-20Mt.3.1-12 | Mk.1.1-8 | Jn.1.19-28 ← Lk.3.1-20
The Baptism of Jesus c.29ce (Jordan)Lk.3.21-22Mt.3.13-17 | Mk.1.9-11 ← Lk.3.21-22
The Genealogy of JesusLk.3.23-38Mt.1.1-17 ← Lk.3.23-38
The Temptation of Jesus (Wilderness of Judaea)Lk.4.1-13Mt.4.1-11 | Mk.1.12-13 ← Lk.4.1-13
The Beginning of the Galilean Ministry c.29ce (Galilee)Lk.4.14-15Mt.4.12-17 | Mk.1.14-15 ← Lk.4.14-15
The Rejection of Jesus at Nazareth (Nazareth)Lk.4.16-30Mt.13.53-58 | Mk.6.1-6 ← Lk.4.16-30
The Man with an Unclean Spirit (Nazareth)Lk.4.31-37Mk.1.21-28 ← Lk.4.31-37
The Healing of Many People (Capernaum)Lk.4.38-41Mt.8.14-17 | Mk.1.29-34 ← Lk.4.38-41
A Preaching Tour (Galilee)Lk.4.42-44Mk.1.35-39 ← Lk.4.42-44
The Calling of the First Disciples (Capernaum)Lk.5.1-11Mt.4.18-22 | Mk.1.16-20 ← Lk.5.1-11
The Cleansing of a Leper (Galilee)Lk.5.12-16Mt.8.1-4 | Mk.1.40-45 ← Lk.5.12-16
The Healing of a Paralytic Lk.5.17-26Mt.9.1-8 | Mk.2.1-12 ← Lk.5.17-26
The Calling of Levi (Capernaum)Lk.5.27-32Mt.9.9-13 | Mk.2.13-17 ← Lk.5.27-32
The Question about FastingLk.5.33-39Mt.9.14-17 | Mk.2.18-22 ← Lk.5.33-39
Plucking Grain on the Sabbath (Galilee)Lk.6.1-5Mt.12.1-8 | Mk.2.23-28 ← Lk.6.1-5
The Man with a Withered Hand (Capernaum)Lk.6.6-11Mt.12.9-14 | Mk.3.1-6 ← Lk.6.6-11
The Choosing of the Twelve (Galilee)Lk.6.12-16Mt.10.1-4 | Mk.3.13-19 ← Lk.6.12-16
Ministering to a Great MultitudeLk.6.17-19Mt.4.23-25 ← Lk.6.17-19
Blessings and Woes (Galilee)Lk.6.20-26Mt.5.1-12 ← Lk.6.20-26
Love for EnemiesLk.6.27-36Mt.5.43-48 | Lk.6.27-28 ← Lk.6.27-36
Judging OthersLk.6.37-42Mt.7.1-6 | Lk.6.37-38 ← Lk.6.37-42
A Tree Known by its FruitLk.6.43-45Mt.7.17-20 | Mt.12.34b-35 ← Lk.6.43-45
The Two Foundations (Galilee)Lk.6.46-49Mt.7.24-27 ← Lk.6.46-49
The Healing of a centurion's Servant (Galilee)Lk.7.1-10Mt.8.5-13 | Jn.4.43-45 ← Lk.7.1-10
The Raising of the Widow's Son at Nain (Nain)Lk.7.11-17
The Messengers from John the Baptist (Capernaum)Lk.7.18-35Mt.11.2-19 ← Lk.7.18-35
A Sinful Woman Forgiven (Capernaum)Lk.7.36-50
Some Women Accompany Jesus (Galilee)Lk.8.1-3
The Parable of the Sower (Plain of Gennesaret)Lk.8.4-8Mt.13.1-9 | Mk.4.1-9 ← Lk.8.4-8
The Purpose of the Parables (Plain of Gennesaret)Lk.8.9-10Mt.13.10-17 | Mk.4.10-12 ← Lk.8.9-10
The Parable of the Sower ExplainedLk.8.11-15Mt.13.18-23 | Mk.4.13-20 ← Lk.8.11-15
The parable about a lamp under a bowlLk.8.16-18Mk.4.21-25 ← Lk.8.16-18
The Mother and Brothers of JesusLk.8.19-21Mt.12.46-50 | Mk.3.31-35 ← Lk.8.19-21
The Calming of a Storm (Sea of Gennesaret)Lk.8.22-25Mt.8.23-27 | Mk.4.35-41 ← Lk.8.22-25
The Healing of the Gadarene Demoniacs (Gergesa)Lk.8.26-39Mt.8.28-34 | Mk.5.1-20 ← Lk.8.26-39
Jairus' Daughter and the Woman who Touched Jesus' Garment (Capernaum)Lk.8.40-56Mt.9.18-26 | Mk.5.21-43 ← Lk.8.40-56
The Mission of the Twelve (Capernaum)Lk.9.1-6Mt.10.5-15 | Mk.6.7-13 ← Lk.9.1-6
Herod's Anxiety (Machaerus)Lk.9.7-9Mt.14.1-12 | Mk.6.14-29 ← Lk.9.7-9
The Feeding of the Five Thousand (Bethsaida)Lk.9.10-17Mt.14.13-21 | Mk.6.30-44 | Jn.6.1-14 ← Lk.9.10-17
Peter's Declaration about Jesus (Caesarea Philippi)Lk.9.18-21Mt.16.13-20 | Mk.8.27-30 ← Lk.9.18-21
Jesus Foretells His Death and Resurrection Lk.9.21-27Mt.16.21-28 | Mk.8.31-9.1 ← Lk.9.21-27
The Transfiguration of Jesus (Mount Hermon)Lk.9.28-36Mt.17.1-13 | Mk.9.2-13 ← Lk.9.28-36
The Healing of a Boy with an Unclean Spirit (Mount Hermon)Lk.9.37-43Mt.17.14-21 | Mk.9.14-29 ← Lk.9.37-43
Jesus again Foretells his Death Lk.9.43b-45Mt.17.22-23 | Mk.9.30-32 ← Lk.9.43b-45
Who is the Greatest? (Capernaum)Lk.9.46-48Mt.18.1-5 | Mk.9.33-37 ← Lk.9.46-48
He who is not Against You is For You (Samaria)Lk.9.49-50Mk.9.38-40 ← Lk.9.49-50
A Samaritan Village Refuses to Receive Jesus (Samaria)Lk.9.51-56
The Would-Be Followers of Jesus (Samaria)Lk.9.57-62Mt.8.19-22 ← Lk.9.57-62
The Mission of the Seventy Two (Judaea)Lk.10.1-12
Woes to Unrepentant CitiesLk.10.13-16Mt.11.20-24 ← Lk.10.13-16
The Return of the Seventy Two (Judaea)Lk.10.17-20
The Rejoicing of Jesus (Judaea)Mt.10.21-24Mt.11.25-27 | Mt.13.16-17 ← Mt.10.21-24
The Good Samaritan (Judaea)Lk.10.25-37
Visiting Martha and MaryLk.10.38-42
Teaching about Prayer (Judaea)Lk.11.1-13Mt.6.9-15 | Mt.7.7-11 ← Lk.11.1-13
Jesus and Beelzebul (Judaea)Lk.11.14-23Mt.12.22-32 | Mk.3.20-30 | Lk.12.10 ← Lk.11.14-23
The Return of the Unclean SpiritLk.11.24-26Mt.12.43-45 ← Lk.11.24-26
True Blessedness (Judaea)Lk.11.27-28
The Demand for a Sign (Judaea)Lk.11.29-32Mt.12.33-37 | Mk.8.11-12 ← Lk.11.29-32
The Light of the Body (Judaea)Lk.11.33-36Mt.5.15 | Mt.6.22-23 ← Lk.11.33-36
The Denouncing of the Pharisees and Lawyers (Judaea)Lk.11.37-52Mt.23.1-36 | Mk.12.38-40 | Lk.20.45-47 ← Lk.11.37-52
A Warning against Hypocrisy (Judaea)Lk.12.1-3
Whom to FearLk.12.4-7Mt.10.28-31 ← Lk.12.4-7
Confessing Christ before MenLk.12.8-12Mt.10.32-33 | Mt.12.32 | Mt.10.19-20 ← Lk.12.8-12
The Parable of the Rich FoolLk.12.13-21
Care and Anxiety (Judaea)Lk.12.22-34Mt.6.25-34 ← Lk.12.22-34
Watchful Servants (Judaea)Lk.12.35-48Mt.24.45-51 ← Lk.12.35-48
Jesus the Cause of DivisionLk.12.49-53Mt.10.34-36 ← Lk.12.49-53
Discerning the Time (Judaea)Lk.12.54-56Mt.16.2-3 ← Lk.12.54-56
Settling with Your AccuserLk.12.57-59Mt.5.25-26 ← Lk.12.57-59
Repent or Perish (Judaea)Lk.13.1-5
The Parable of the Barren Fig Tree (Judaea)Lk.13.6-9
The Healing of a Crippled Woman on the Sabbath (Judaea)Lk.13.10-17
The Parables of the Mustard Seed and the Leaven (Judaea)Lk.13.18-21Mt.13.31-33 | Mk.4.31-32 ← Lk.13.18-21
The Narrow Door (Peraea)Lk.13.22-30Mt.7.13-14 | Mt.7.21-23 ← Lk.13.22-30
The Lament over Jerusalem (Peraea)Lk.13.31-36Mt.23.37-39 ← Lk.13.31-36
The Healing of the Man with Dropsy (Peraea)Lk.14.1-6
A Lesson to Guests and a Host (Peraea)Lk.14.7-14
The Parable of the Great Banquet (Peraea)Lk.14.15-24Mt.22.1-10 ← Lk.14.15-24
The Cost of Discipleship (Peraea)Lk.14.25-33Mt.10.37-38 ← Lk.14.25-33
Tasteless SaltLk.14.34-35Mt.5.13-16 | Mk.9.50 ← Lk.14.34-35
The Parable of the Lost Sheep (Peraea)Lk.15.1-7Mt.18.12-14 ← Lk.15.1-7
The Parable of the Lost Coin (Peraea)Lk.15.8-10
The Parable of the Lost Son (Peraea)Lk.15.11-32
The Parable of the Shrewd ManagerLk.16.1-13
The Law and the Kingdom of God (Peraea)Lk.16.14-18Mt.11.12-13 ← Lk.16.14-18
The parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus (Peraea)Lk.16.19-31
Sin (Peraea)Lk.17.1-4Mt.18.6-7 | Mt.18.21-22 | Mk.9.42 ← Lk.17.1-4
Faith (borders of Samaria)Lk.17.5-6
A servant's duty (borders of Samaria)Lk.17.7-10
The Cleansing of Ten Lepers (borders of Samaria)Lk.17.11-19
The Coming of the Kingdom (borders of Samaria)Lk.17.20-37Mt.24.23-28 | Mt.24.37-41 ← Lk.17.20-37
The Unknown Day and HourLk.17.26-30Mt.24.36-44 | Mk.13.32-37 | Lk.17.34-36 ← Lk.17.26-30
The Parable of the Widow and the Judge (borders of Samaria)Lk.18.1-8
The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector (borders of Samaria)Lk.18.9-14
Little Children BlessedLk.18.15-17Mt.19.13-15 | Mk.10.13-16 ← Lk.18.15-17
The Rich Young Man (borders of Samaria)Lk.18.18-30Mt.19.16-30 | Mk.10.17-31 ← Lk.18.18-30
A Third Time Jesus foretells His Death and Resurrection (borders of Samaria)Lk.18.31-34Mt.20.17-19 | Mk.10.32-34 ← Lk.18.31-34
The Healing of a Blind Beggar near Jericho (near Jericho)Lk.18.35-43Mt.20.29-34 | Mk.10.46-52 ← Lk.18.35-43
Jesus and Zacchaeus (Jericho)Lk.19.1-10
The Parable of the Ten Pounds (Jericho)Lk.19.11-27Mt.25.14-30 ← Lk.19.11-27
The Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem (Jerusalem)Lk.19.28-38Mt.21.1-11 | Mk.11.1-11 | Jn.12.12-19 ← Lk.19.28-38
The Cleansing of the Temple (Jerusalem)Lk.19.45-48Mt.21.12-17 | Mk.11.15-19 | Jn.2.13-22 ← Lk.19.45-48
The Authority of Jesus Questioned Passover, c.30ce (Jerusalem)Lk.20.1-8Mt.21.23-27 | Mk.11.27-33 ← Lk.20.1-8
The Parable of the Vineyard and the Tenants (Jerusalem)Lk.20.9-19Mt.21.33-46 | Mk.12.1-12 | Is.5.1 ← Lk.20.9-19
Paying Taxes to CaesarLk.20.19-26Mt.22.15-22 | Mk.12.13-17 ← Lk.20.19-26
The Question about the Resurrection (Jerusalem)Lk.20.27-40Mt.22.23-33 | Mk.12.18-27 ← Lk.20.27-40
The Question about David's Son (Jerusalem)Lk.20.41-44Mt.22.41-46 | Mk.12.35-37 ← Lk.20.41-44
The Denouncing of the ScribesLk.20.45-47Mt.23.1-36 | Mk.12.38-40 | Lk.11.37-54 ← Lk.20.45-47
The Widow's Offering (Jerusalem)Lk.21.1-4Mk.12.41-44 ← Lk.21.1-4
The Destruction of the Temple ForetoldLk.21.5-6Mt.24.1-2 | Mk.13.1-2 ← Lk.21.5-6
Signs and PersecutionsLk.21.8-19Mt.24.3-14 | Mk.13.3-13 ← Lk.21.8-19
The Destruction of Jerusalem Foretold (Olivet)Lk.21.20-24Mt.24.15-21 | Mk.13.14-19 ← Lk.21.20-24
The Coming of the Son of ManLk.21.25-28Mt.24.29-31 | Mk.13.24-37 ← Lk.21.25-28
The Lesson of the Fig Tree (Olivet)Lk.21.29-33Mt.24.32-35 | Mk.13.28-31 ← Lk.21.29-33
Exhortation to Watch (Olivet)Lk.21.34-38
The Plot to Kill Jesus (Jerusalem)Lk.22.1-2Mt.26.1-5 | Mk.14.1-2 | Jn.11.45-53 ← Lk.22.1-2
The Preparation of the Passover (Jerusalem)Lk.22.7-13Mt.26.17-25 | Mk.14.12-21 | Lk.22.21-23 | Jn.13.21-30 ← Lk.22.7-13
The Institution of the Lord's Supper (Jerusalem)Lk.22.14-23Mt.26.26-30 | Mk.14.22-25 | 1Cor.11.23-26 ← Lk.22.14-23
The Dispute about Greatness (Jerusalem)Lk.22.24-30
Peter's Denial ForetoldLk.22.31-34Mt.26.31-35 | Mk.14.27-31 | Jn.13.36-38 ← Lk.22.31-34
Purse, Bag, and Sword (Jerusalem)Lk.22.35-38
The Prayer on the Mount of Olives (Gethsemane)Lk.22.39-46Mt.26.36-46 | Mk.14.32-42 ← Lk.22.39-46
The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus (Gethsemane)Lk.22.47-53Mt.26.47-56 | Mk.14.43-50 | Jn.18.3-12 ← Lk.22.47-53
Peter's Denial of Jesus (Jerusalem)Lk.22.54-62Mt.26.57-75 | Mk.14.53-72 | Jn.18.12-18 | Jn.18.25-27 ← Lk.22.54-62
Jesus Mocked and Beaten (Jerusalem)Lk.22.63-65Mt.26.67-68 | Mk.14.65 ← Lk.22.63-65
Jesus before the CouncilLk.22.66-71Mt.26.59-66 | Mk.14.55-64 | Jn.18.19-24 ← Lk.22.66-71
Jesus Brought Before Pilate Passover, c.30ce (Jerusalem)Lk.23.1-5Mt.27.1-14 | Mk.15.1-5 | Jn.18.28-38 ← Lk.23.1-5
Jesus before HerodLk.23.6-12
Jesus Sentenced to Die (Jerusalem)Lk.23.13-25Mt.27.15-26 | Mk.15.6-15 | Jn.18.39-19.16 ← Lk.23.13-25
The Crucifixion of Jesus (Golgotha)Lk.23.26-43Mt.27.32-44 | Mk.15.21-32 | Jn.19.17-27 ← Lk.23.26-43
The Death of JesusLk.23.44-49Mt.27.45-56 | Mk.15.33-41 | Jn.19.28-30 ← Lk.23.44-49
The Burial of Jesus (the garden)Lk.23.50-56Mt.27.57-61 | Mk.15.42-47 | Jn.19.38-42 ← Lk.23.50-56
The Resurrection of Jesus Passover, c.30ce (the garden)Lk.24.1-12Mk.28.1-10 | Mk.16.1-8 | Jn.20.1-10 ← Lk.24.1-12
The Walk to Emmaus (Emmaus)Lk.24.13-35Mk.16.12-13 ← Lk.24.13-35
The Appearance to the Disciples (Jerusalem)Lk.24.36-49Mt.28.16-20 | Mk.16.14-18 | Jn.20.19-23 | Ac.1.6-8 ← Lk.24.36-49
The Ascension of Jesus (Bethany)Lk.24.50-53Ac.1.6-11 | Mk.16.19-20