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1 Corinthians by Passage


Greeting and Thanksgiving spring 55ce (Corinth)1Cor.1.1-9
Divisions in the Church1Cor.1.10-17
Christ the Power and Wisdom of God1Cor.1.18-31
Proclaiming Christ Crucified1Cor.2.1-5
The Revelation by God's Spirit1Cor.2.6-16
Fellow Workmen for God1Cor.3.1-23
The Ministry of the Apostles1Cor.4.1-21
Judgment against Immorality1Cor.5.1-13
Going to Law before Unbelievers1Cor.6.1-11
Glorify God in Your Body1Cor.6.12-20
Problems concerning Marriage1Cor.7.1-16
The Life Which the Lord Has Assigned1Cor.7.17-24
The Unmarried and Widows1Cor.7.25-40
Food Offered to Idols1Cor.8.1-13
The Rights of an Apostle1Cor.9.1-27
Warning against Idolatry1Cor.10.1-22
Do All to the Glory of God1Cor.10.23-11.1
The Covering of Women's Heads1Cor.11.2-16
Abuses at the Lord's Supper1Cor.11.17-22
The Institution of the Lord's Supper1Cor.11.23-25
Partaking of the Supper Unworthily1Cor.11.27-34
Spiritual Gifts1Cor.12.1-11
One Body with Many Members1Cor.12.12-31
Tongues and Prophecy1Cor.14.1-25
All Things to be Done in Order1Cor.14.26-40
The Resurrection of Christ1Cor.15.1-11
The Resurrection of the Dead1Cor.15.12-34
The Resurrection Body1Cor.15.35-58
The Contribution for the Saints1Cor.16.1-4
Plans for Travel1Cor.16.5-12
Final Request and Greetings1Cor.16.13-24