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Judith by Passage Psg Reference
JUDITH. War between Nebuchadnezzar & Arphaxad.Jdth.1.1-16
War against the nations in the west.Jdth.2.1-13
The campaign of Holofernes.Jdth.2.14-28
The peace delegation to king Nebuchadnezzar.Jdth.3.1-10
The Israelite plan for defence.Jdth.4.1-8
Prayer before war.Jdth.4.9-15
The war council in the camp of Holofernes.Jdth.5.1-4
Achior's speech.Jdth.5.5-21
The reaction of the crowd.Jdth.5.22-24
Holofernes' speech.Jdth.6.1-9
Achior is brought to Bethulia.Jdth.6.10-21
The seige of Bethulia.Jdth.7.1-32
Judith, the Israelite widow.Jdth.8.1-8
Judith meets the town officials.Jdth.8.9-35
Judith's prayer.Jdth.9.1-14
Judith goes to the camp of Holofernes.Jdth.10.1-11.23
Holofernes' banquet.Jdth.12.1-13.10
Judith & her slave return to Bethulia.Jdth.13.10-20
Judith's plan.Jdth.14.1-5
Achior's conversion.Jdth.14.6-10
Panic in Holofernes' camp.Jdth.14.11-19
Israel's victory.Jdth.15.1-13
Judith's song of praise.Jdth.16.1-17
Judith's fame.Jdth.16.18-25

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